House of Cumagne

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House of Cumagne
CountryCumagne, Belgium
TitlesKing of Cumagne
Prince de Pitcairn
Prince de Nison
Duc de Bouvet
Comte de Larsoya
Comte de Store-Kari
Baron de Gardegloire
Baron de Himrodt
FounderHRM King Thomas I
Current headHRM King Thomas I
Founding01 October 2015

The House of Cumagne, or House of Nison is the most traditional family in Cumagne. The throne of Cumagne is occupied by the family since 2015, when Thomas I founded the kingdom. The house also holds several other minor titles.


The Head of the Royal House is the holder of the title of King of Cumagne, Prince de Pitcairn and Baron de Gardegloire. The consort of the King hold the title of Queen of Cumagne and Princess of Pitcairn, while his companion holds the title of Princess of Cumagne.

The heir of the King hold the title of Prince of Nison and Crown Prince of Cumagne. His wife use the title of Princess of Nison and his companion before the marriage holds the title of Duchess of Nison.

The older son of the Crown Prince is the Duke of Bouvet, his wife if the Duchess of Bouvet and his companion until the marriage is the Countess of Bouvet.

The other members of the immediate family are known simply as "Prince or Princess of Cumagne".

Heraldry and Standards

Members of the Royal Family have their own crests, monograms and standards to represent them or their presence somewhere over the Kingdom and foreign countries.

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