Maddock Steeger

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Prince Maddock Steeger I is the reigning monarch of the Principality of Oceania and head of the princely house of Dundee. He is the current head of monarchy,and head of state. He serves as the first monarch of the Principality of Oceania Royal Family, and serves as Oceania's first head of state.

Early life

Maddock was born in Tennessee and than resided in the Dallas Texas Metropolis with his father and mother. He was baptized in the year 2019, which he had found his faith in Texas Southern Baptist.

Titles, styles, honours and awards

Titles & styles

- March 2019, Prince of Principality of Oceania, The Sovereign of Oceania (present)
- February 2019, Duke of Lítla Dímun Island. (present)
- February 2019, Lord Chancellor of Lítla Dímun Island. (present)

His official shortened title is "His Serene Highness Maddock I , Sovereign Prince of Oceania"; this does not include the many other styles claimed by the Dundee family.