Machias Metropolitan Area

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Machias Metropolitan Area
Machias in April 2020
LocationMachias, Maine
NationsCrowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
LanguagesEnglish and Misberian
TypeMetropolian Area
Notable PeopleArchie Birch


The Machias Metropolitan Area was created in April of 2020 after Archie Birch first visited the region and proclaimed the location of the Directive of Misberia's claim. By the 15th of April Archie has gifted land to Second Zuhan Empire and regifted some land to Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall. Following the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020 otherwise known as the Siguam Crisis of 527, a parcel of land was transferred to Grand Kingdom of Matachewan. Following the crisis Matachewan gifted the land back to Misberia to show good faith and friendship following a set of national crises. On May 28th the Misberian claim was given a new name to solve the naming confusion with Zuhan's claim. On June 2nd after the formation of the Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia the region was proclaimed as one of the dual capitals of the new nation.


The region is home to the Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia's second capital, New Mistak. The region is also the location of the only Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall claim in Northern New England. The region is the honorary home to the headquarters to the New England Sector and the Global Micronational Alliance. The region is right on the Atlantic Coast near the American-Canadian Border and the disputed claim of Machias Seal Island. This location provides the micronations of the region the ability to explore the Maine coasts and Gulf of Maine. The region is held by one person, Archie Birch as the claimant for Zuhan-Misberia as a founder and leader of Misberia and a citizen of Hrafnarfjall. The region is expected to grow during the school year of 2020-2021 when Archie attends University in the town and implements citizenship drives in the region.


The region currently offers no services, but there are a few planned services.


Claims in The Machias Metropolitan Area
Nation Flag Region Name Date of Foundation Notes
Directive of Misberia Untitled722 20191024194320M.png Commune of New Mistak April 2nd 2020 Dual Capital of the Crowned Confederacy of Zuhan-Misberia
Second Zuhan Empire Kingdom of Machias.png Kingdom of Machias April 15th 2020 Gifted to Second Zuhan Empire after the creation of the second empire from the Directive of Misberia
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Little Bad Falls.png Duchy of Little Bad Falls May 25th 2020 Gifted to Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall from the Directive of Misberia
Directive of Misberia Boguasha.png State of Bougash May 29th 2020 Gifted to Directive of Misberia from the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan