MVFF Superleague

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MVFF Superleague
Number of teams16 (from 2018)
Current championsPolishRepublicOfFreeland.png OFC Oder Opolla
Most successful team(s)PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png OFC Oder Opolla


The MVFF Superleague is the most prestigious club competition of the MVFF. The first edition of the competition was played in 2017 and it only featured 4 teams as they were a lack of leagues when the competition started. Therefore in the first edition teams were only from Coria and the Polish Republic of Freeland. The competition will expand in 2018 to 16 teams as more leagues have been created. On the 30th May 2017, the tournament was renamed as the MVFF Superleague.


From 2018 the format will be as follows. The distribution of teams will change each year depending on the micronations performance of its clubs in the competition.

Micronation Number of clubs entering Qualifying Number of clubs entering the group stage
Coria N/A 4
PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Polish Republic of Freeland N/A 4
Florian Republic N/A 3
2nd Flag.jpeg Perisia 1 2
Oldhavenflag.svg Oldhaven 1 2
Serbica.png Serbica 2 0


Year Host of the Final Winners Score Runners-up Number of teams
2017 Gigarena, Coria OFC Oder Opolla 2 - 1 FC Polonia Viten 4
2017-2018 Serbica.png Serbica TBC - TBC 16