Micronational and International Committee for Peace and Democracy

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Micronational and International Committee for Peace and Democracy (MICPD)

MICPD.jpg Flag

Official Languages: English, (de facto)
Recognized Languages: All languages recognized by the organization
Active Membership: 9 member states
Established: 13 May 2010
Disestablished 27 September 2010
Leader HRM King Nik I (13 May-19 June 2010)
President: HRM King Nik I (19 June-11 August 2010)

Vacant (11 August-27 September 2010)

The Micronational and International Committee for Peace and Democracy (MICPD) was a short-lived organization dedicated to bringing peace to micronations at war and urging macronations at war to hold peace talks. It also worked to end oppression in nations under military juntas and dictatorships by pressuring said governments to transition to democracy. The organization was headed by His Royal Majesty King Nik I of the former Kingdom of Starland. On June 19, King Nik I announced the office of President of the MICPD, the leader of the organization. On August 11, 2010, the King of Starland abdicated and announced his resignation as President. After lack of leadership, limited communication, and prolonged inactivity, the organization folded.


The MICPD was founded on May 13, 2010 by HRM King Nik I, the Head of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Kingdom of Starland. The organization held a vote on the Dorzhabad Government Referendum which helped the nation transition from a dictatorship to a democratic federal republic. After a month of inactivity, the MICPD folded on September 27, 2010.


*Starland was the leading nation in the MICPD as its head of state, HRM King Nik I, was President (leader) of the organization.