Lundian Empire

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Lundian Empire
Flag of the empire.png

Official language(s)English Lundian Portuguese
GovernmentRoyal Vassal State Of New Kingdom of Lundy
- Great Regent Of Governace/EmpressMarta Silva
EstablishedTuesday, August 28, 2012
CurrencySeveral Currency's including Danish Krona and Falklands Pound

The Lundian Empire was forged from the shattered remains of the Xonbian Empire, which encludes every territory of the Empire except its colony in Greenland. The territory's were annexed in early 2012 but the Empire was not made until later in the year. see Lundy for the main article.

Basic Info

The creation of the empire was to mimic the short lived German Colonial Empire (in the pacific)

The Empire had several territory's, one was made as a tribute for a German General whom was killed in the battle of the Falkland Islands during the WW1 and it was an attempt to annoy the Argentine Government, the territory is called Shag Rock. Lundy also has a territory in Greenland which consists of a few islands. Lundy also claims a small island which was once mistaken for the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and is now neglected by the Lundian Government. Another Colony is the old colony of Menth, the first colony of Xonbia which was given to Lundy. However, it was then returned to Xonbia, and returned to Lundy via Xonbian annexation.


The Regent was Elected Either from House Of Cake or from the elected council by the elected council. Marta Silvia of the house of cake is the temporary Dictator Of the empire until the elections in the kingdom of lundy.


In the centre of the flag of the Empire there is a lion which is featured on the flag of German New Guinea. The yellow and blue represent the Colony's of Lundy and water that surrounds it.These colors were borrowed from the flag of Lundy.

Protection From The DCU

Shortly after the creation of the empire it was given protection from Democratic Commonwealth union. in return the Lundian Empire would give the DCU a political party with in the empire. Lundy is now under the protection of the Templar Kingdom


Due to the immense complications of running the empire, it is now part of the Templar Kingdom.