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The Lukassiaun Socialist State

Et ne in superbia - With pride to lead
Official language(s)Primary speaking languages; English,Spanish,German
Official religion(s)Mürossian
GovernmentTrotsky Communism
Time zonePacific/Auckland UTC+12:00

Lukassia, officially the The Lukassiaun Socialist State, is an East Pacific territorial microstate within the city of Auckland, New Zealand, Under a Dictatorship rule by King Locust since 2018, a Free sovereign state based upon both Equality and Equity, treating all equal, yet giving those who needs may differ what they require, the proper aid and care to live happily and freely. Founded simple as a joke by two highschool students in English class and eventually growing into its own free state. Primary speaking languages; English, though Spanish and a small amount of German are also spoke in Lukassia.


Claimed territory

Flags of Lukkasia