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This is a Fyrinian name. Betharun is a patronymic middle name, not commonly used; this person is referred to by Lukáš Čuřík.

Lukáš Čuřík
Lukaş Çursık
Prime Minister of Fyrinia
Assumed office
28 May 2019
Deputy Markéta Edenová
Predecessor Esin Marangoz
In office
1 December 2017 – 18 December 2018
Deputy Şukri Tilki
Predecessor Position established
Successor Şukri Tilki (acting)
Esin Marangoz (regular)
Chairman of the Social Democrats
Assumed office
4 March 2019
Predecessor Re-elected
In office
3 May 2017 – 8 December 2017
16 December 2017 – 18 December 2018
Predecessor Martin Mlynář
Successor Resigned
Leader of the Opposition
In office
22 January 2019 – 28 May 2019
Prime Minister Esin Marangoz
Predecessor Esin Marangoz
Successor Hadise Aksoy
Personal information
Born September 8, 2003 (2003-09-08) (age 15)
Kirilmaz, Fyrinia
Citizenship Fyrinian · Mekniyan
Political party Social Democrats (since 2015)
Other political
Leftward! (since 2018)
Progressive International
Residence Red Hills, Çankaya, Kirilmaz

Lukáš Betharun Čuřík (/ˈsjrɪk/ SEW-reek, Czech: [luˈkaːʃ betˈharun ˈtʃur̝iːk]; Turkish: Lukaş Betharun Çursık;[a] September 8, 2003) is a Fyrinian politician. He has served as Prime Minister of Fyrinia from 2017 to 18 December 2018, and once again since May 2019. He previously served as President of the Council of Ministers of autonomous Fyrinia until its abolition on 1 December 2017. He also served as Chairman of the Social Democrats, a major political party in Fyrinia, from May 2017 to December 2018. Following intraparty conflicts between the liberal and conservative wing of the party, he resigned on his position of Leader of the SD, but then he was re-elected. He also serves as Kivoki of Mekniy. He resigned as Prime Minister of Fyrinia, Member of the Government Council and Chairman of the SD following a failure in December 2018 election, however, after April 2019 election, he became Prime Minister again after forming a coalition government.

Born in Kirilmaz, Fyrinia to a political-diplomatic family, and raised in Athens, Ankara and Beirut from 2004 to 2015. In May 2017, Lukáš Čuřík became Leader of the SD and he led it to election as PM-candidate. His party won and he assumed office as President of the Council of Ministers of autonomous Fyrinia and formed a left-wing cabinet. In December 2017, his cabinet declared independence following referendum and Fyrinia became an independent country.

Taking the office at the age of 13, he has been the youngest person and first openly gay to serve as Prime Minister of Fyrinia, Leader of the SD and Member of the Government Council. According to the most recent opinion polling, he is the most favourite politician in Fyrinia. He also steady ranks first in approval rankings. His views are mostly described as social-democratic, progressive and moderate left, although he sometimes tends to be more left-leaning than the rest of his party. In 2018, he largely started being described as left-wing populist by his opponents. He became known for his strong support of welfare state, basic income, state interventionism and progressive social policies. He is a vocal opponent of economic liberalism, conservative and far-right politics, and communism, especially communist era in Czechoslovakia. He expressed his support towards European integrity and the West within foreign politics.

Early life

Čuřík was born in Kirilmaz, Fyrinia, the son of a politician Harun Karam and a diplomat Belinay Adem. He inherited his surname from his paternal grandmother. When he was 5 months old, he and his family moved to Athens, Greece, where his mother worked for the Embassy of the Czech Republic as a delegate for the Fyrinian Autonomous Area. He and his family later relocated to Ankara, Turkey, where he joined a primary school. Čuřík mentioned that his "childhood was not Greek but Turkish", as he was spending his childhood in Greece almost exclusively with his family, while he "started getting own friends in Ankara". At the age of 10, he and his family moved to Beirut, Lebanon and stayed there for two years until 2015, when they moved back to Kirilmaz. Despite living outside Fyrinia for almost 12 years of his life, he spent every summer holiday and Christmas in Kirilmaz with his family.

Political participation

In 2015, he joined the Party of Free Democrats (progressive and civic-nationalist political party), but in 2016, he left and joined the Social Democrats and started supporting the independence of Fyrinia. In late 2016, he became popular in the party and was nominated as a Prime Minister candidate in 2017 and later leader as well. After massive victory in June 2017 election, he became a President of the Council of Ministers in a tri-coalition of the Social Democrats, the Democratic Initiative (centrism) and the Civic Alliance (libertarian socialism). The government declared independence on 1 December 2017 after a referendum and he became a Prime Minister of Fyrinia. He became Prime Minister of a new independent Fyrinia on 1 December in a renewed tri-coalition. On 18 January 2018, he formed a minority cabinet of the Social Democrats, which failed to receive a confidence of the National Assembly, and Čuřík became Prime Minister-in-resignation. He became Prime Minister of Fyrinia for the third time on 20 March 2018 within a coalition government with the Civic Alliance, and for the fourth time on 23 July 2018 within a majority cabinet of the Coalition of the United Left. After a failure in December 2018, he announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Fyrinia, Member of the Government Council and Chairman of the SD. He said he would run for the office of Chairman of the SD again on the next Congress, but he would not lead a campaign, because he wanted members of the party to judge his work only. At the congress, he was re-elected as Chairman of the party. The coalition won the next election, allowing him to become new Prime Minister. He was sworn in on 28 May 2019, leading his fifth cabinet.


He has joined Mekniyan politics in 2018 when he became Leader of the Social Democratic Party of Mekniy. He became an electoral leader of the party. The Social Democratic Party became the second strongest party in Mekniy. Later, he joined Mekniyan Kivoki election, which was to decide about a new Kivoki of Mekniy. He won the election with 44.4 per cent and became Kivoki.

Personal life

He describes himself as Fyrinian. He has all three Czech, Turkish and Arab Fyrinian ancestors, although he is ethnically mainly of Czech Fyrinian descent. He grew up as bilingual, stating his father talked with him in Czech, while his mother mainly Turkish. He also speaks Arabic and English, and has a basic knowledge of Russian and German. He also stated he understands Serbo-Croatian. Lukáš Čuřík does not live with his parents since he assumed the office of President of the Council of Ministers. As of 2019, he lives between Kirilmaz and Vienna, Austria.





  1. Turkish: /ˈluːkaʃ betˈaːɾun ˈtʃuɾsɯk/; sometimes Arabic: لوكاس ابن هارون تشورزيك Lūkās ābn Harūn Tšurzīk, /ˈluːkːes eˈbɪn heˈruːn tʃurˈzɪk/