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Luciferio Mickomik
1st Visser of the State of Malus
Assumed office
29 July 2022
Predecessor Office established
1st President of Malus
Assumed office
22 March 2021 - 29 July 2022
Predecessor Office established
1st President of Zeena
Assumed office
18 June 2022 - 29 July 2022
Predecessor Office established
1st and 3rd President of the Republic of Long Island
In office
16 March 2019 - 26 May 2019
30 May 2019 - 16 March 2021
Predecessor Office Established
Successor MS
Leader of the Progressive Party of Malus
Assumed office
26 March 2021 - 29 July 2022
Predecessor Office established
Leader of the Satanic Social Democrats
Assumed office
20 April 2022 - 11 June 2022
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 2004 (17)
New York, USA
Citizenship USA, Malus, Faltree, Roscamistan, Zeprana
Political party Progressive (Malus)
Democratic (United States)
SSD (Faltree)
ZFLEP (Zeprana)
Residence Novum
Religion Satanism

Luciferio Mickomik, commonly referred to by the shortened name "Luci", and previously known as President L, is an American-Malusian micronationalist, micronational politician, micronational troll, social activist, and blogger who is currently serving as the first Visser of Malus and the first High Priest of the LV Ecclesia. He was also the first president of the Confederation of Malus, Republic of Zeena, Fourth Republic of Zeprana, and former two-time president of the Republic of Long Island.

Additionally, Luci is the Surreal Guard of Almendria, was the former Supreme Court Justice of the Commonwealth of Zeprana, and a former member of the Federal Security Council in the Canaan Lake Federation.

As for political parties, he is the leader of the Progressive Party of Malus, Zeprana Femboy Liberation and Equality Party (Federal Republic of Zeprana), Femboys of the Commonwealth of Zeprana (Commonwealth of Zeprana), and former leader of the Satanic Social Democrats in Faltree and the Femboy Party in Fesmar.

Luci is a also a political and social activist. He ideologically identifies as a progressive. He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, more specifically the visibility of bisexual, pansexual, and transgender individuals, and he created the Bi/Pan Visibility Organization on 15 June 2021. The president is also a staunch anti-fascist, heavily critical of the rise of far right micronations and movements within the micronational community. In response to this rising trend, he created the Anti-Prejudice Alliance on 30 May 2021.

Luci is a member of the American Ethical Union and The Satanic Temple. In addition, he has stated he intends to join a fellowship of the Unitarian Universalist Association in the future.

Personal life

Early life

Luci was born in the state of New York in the United States. He became very interested in vexillology and global affairs at a very young age, with YouTube channels such as Alternate History Hub and EmperorTigerstar building his interest. In school, Luci began to become more interested in history and English classes, performing well in them both. In addition to this, the president also began working in stage crew for school plays, becoming involved in theater and acting.

On 30 December 2021, President L officially started going by "Luciferio", and then "Luci", as it was getting difficult for micronationalists to continue using the single letter moniker. His name, Luciferio, is adapted from the name Lucifer. His last name comes from elements of two infernal names being merged into one; those being Melek Taûs and Mictlāntēcutli.


In the United States, Luci is a member of the Democratic party. Since his initial registration as a democrat, his political ideologies have shifted further to the left, incorporating elements of queer theory, feminist theory, and anti-theism. In addition, he is racially conscious and active in movements pushing for equity for people of color. He is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and he is a member of the Our Black Party party and a member of the New York chapter of the BYP100.


Luciferio is a social democrat, pan-Africanist and black pride activist, queer activist, qpoc activist, and radfem activist.


Luci was raised in an Abrahamic household, with Christian and Jewish parents. He attended church as a child and was taught religious lessons and stories but they never stayed with him. As he grew older, he grew further away from the faiths of his parents and became a skeptic. After personal tragedies in his life, he shifted from being a skeptic to an atheist, not believing that there was any God, especially not the God the church he attended espoused.

With his activism becoming more progressive and more focused on social justice, Luci's religious views evolved from non-belief into anti-theism. This culminated in 2020 when he officially became involved in Satanism in the form of The Satanic Temple. Luci entered the broader Satanic community in late 2020, discovering other Satanic organizations and philosophies, such as the Global Order of Satan and the Rational Satanism Collection by Lee Banks. All of these organizations and ideologies were non-theistic and pro-individualism.

Since 2022, Luci has become involved in non-theisitc religious organizations, such as the American Ethical Union, which follows the philosophy of Ethical Humanism. He became a member in June of 2022. Ethical Humanism has no creed, and its individualistic nature and emphasis on rationalistic analysis were apart of the allure for Luci.[1] In addition to the AEU, the Unitarian Universalist Association is an organization that the president has spoken about on multiple occasions, stating he is interested in joining. Despite his interest, he has not joined a congregation as of June 2022.

Micronational career

"Wojak" of Luci

Republic of Long Island

On 16 March 2019, after having viewed multiple videos on the topic as well as Alternate History Hub's videos on fictional countries, President L created the Republic of Long Island and became the micronation's first leader.

Confederation of Malus

The Confederation of Malus was created on March 22, 2021, a week after the Republic of Long Island was dissolved. Luci moved from the Fandom Micronations website to MicroWiki, due to the more professional appearance and easier editing style. The confederation was initially only comprised of the district of Novum, but as the years went on more and more territory was brought into the confederation. Luci has been ruling for over a year.

State of Malus

Anti-McKeenism Movement

Awards and honors

On 26 May 26 2022, President Luci was awarded the Order of Richard Smith by King Riley of the Kingdom of the United Smithtown for his "bravery against invaders" of his land, referring to Luci's defence of the ASRM in the Veterans Park War.

Offices held

Nation Office No. Term Status Honors
 State of Malus Visser 1 29 July 2022 - present
 Confederation of Malus President 1 22 March 2021 - 29 July 2022 Office dissolved
  • Order of Richard Smith
 Confederation of Malus Leader of the Progressives 1 22 March 2021 - 29 July 2022
 Fourth Republic of Zeprana President 1 21 May 2022 - 31 May 2022

Political views

Macronational political affiliation

President Luci is registered as a Democrat in the United States, and is a "soft-leftist". He will be able to vote in the 2024 United States presidential election, and as of January 4, 2021, has not supported any candidate, although when asked if he had to choose, he stated he would support Joe Biden only if more progressive candidates would not run.


President Luci has endorsed a number of political campaigns and figures prior to ruling Malus. The following is a list.

Election Endorsement Party Winner
United States 2020 Election Joe Biden Democratic Joe Biden
2021 New York City mayoral election Eric Adams Eric Adams
United States 2024 Election Bernie Sanders Independent TBA