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—  Department of Anketlər  —

Coat of arms
Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Vəlāyat Anketlər
Created 27 May 2016
Founder Michał Nowacki
Capital Staroslavnigrad
 - Beg Marcélk Jadrosz
Population (16 August 2017)
 - Total 3
Demonym Lorenian

Lorenia (Polish: Lorensko), formerly known as Polvakia, is a department of Nedlando-Khorașan. It was invaded by Nedlando-Khorașan in an offensive to take more Litvanian regions on August 16, 2017. After the former Bernogorod Municipailty dissolved into 4 smaller provinces, it is the most powerful of them all, wiith a population of 2 and having a area of 50m2.

It was originally named Polandia, but was renamed Polvakia on 31-01-16, and was given the rank of `province`. its flag is similar to that of Lithuania.