Lord of Parliament

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Lord of Parliament (Portuguese: Lorde do Parlamento) is the official designation to members of the House of Aristocrats, the aristocratic upper house of Ebenthal's parliament. The office is accompained by the style of The Most Dignified (abrv. The Mt. Dig.) and while nominally life-long, it must cease to be used by a parlamentarian if he leaves the house either by resignation or by the monarch's uphand.


The term was inspired by the Scottish noble title Lord of Parliament, although in Ebenthal it is not a noble title, but a political office reserved for nobles appointed by the monarch. The term Lord of Congress is also sometimes used in a somehow co-official capacity. This because the parliament's name, Konkrëse, is a Riograndenser Hunsrückisch translation of the word "Congress", Congresso in Portuguese. Nonetheless the adoption of the term "parliament" instead of "congress" or even "Konkrëse" was decided to make the office's role clear to outside observers.