Lord Matthew of Essexia

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Lord Matt of Essexia
Official Cabinet Photo
Minister of the Interior and Minister for Slough
Assumed Position
1st January 2019
Predecessor None
Successor Currently holds office
Monarch King Terry
Personal information
Born 30th March
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Residence Great Baddow, Essexia
Occupation Minister of the Interior

Minister for Slough

Chief Whip to the Cabinet

General Matthew, the Lord Minister and Governor General of Slough, Lord of Colchester and Royal Adviser to the King and Government, Chief Whip for the Royal Essexian Parliament is a Lord in the Parliament of Essexia, as well as General of the Army. He was divorced after controversy surrounding his personal and political beliefs, however he is still an active citizen, and regularly contributes to the micronation. Matthew is also a major policy maker, and has proposed most major reforms undertaken by Essexia.

As part of the Cabinet reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Christopher, Matthew was appointed several roles as an important contributor to Essexia. The King appointed him as the Chief Whip, and he is subsequently in charge of rallying support for the King, which he does successfully, hence in 2019 he persuaded the Parliament to vote in favour of greater Sovereign Powers. For this, he is a favourite of the King, and was appointed Lord Regent, responsible for governing the Commonwealth when the King is not present. He is a staunch monarchist.


King Terry divorced Matthew around the 24th of January 2018, when the two observed many differences between each other, despite this, they remain close personal friends. On the 4th of August 2018, Matthew was made Second Lieutenant of the Army by Lord Jack. However, on the 5th of August, Matthew headed a rebel faction against Jack, and signed the Treaty of South Jaywick with King Terry to force Jack out of power. This is another example of Matthew's ruthless intentions when defending the King- which has been comparable to that of Wolsey's relationship with King Henry VIII.

On the 9th of August, Matthew was promoted to General of the Army by GAF/GF Jack, and on the 16th of September, Matthew was a key revolutionary in the revolution that created the Federation of Essexia, and signed the Treaty of Chelmsford, which formed the Commonwealth of Essexia.

He conducted an official Government visit to Slough, UK on the 20th of October 2018. He purchased goods there, including a Mars™ bar and fruit drinks, and established contact with the locals. Essexia has wished to ally with a puppet-state Slough for a while, with King Terry appointing Matthew as Minister of Slough on the 14th of October. Matthew was particularly chosen for this role due to his race, and is ethnically half Indian, which is the majority ethnicity in Slough.


Matthew is known for his outspoken personality. He claims to uphold moderate political views and places himself centre of the political spectrum. He is popular for his humour and wit, mostly around current affairs.

Personal Life

Matthew lives with his family in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, near the Kings residence. He is interested in current affairs, politics, and general history.