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Lord Matthew of Essexia
Essexia Matthew.png
Official Cabinet Photo
c. July 2019
Minister Without Portfolio
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Jamie
Monarch Emperor Terry
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In Office
12 July 2019 - 23 March 2020 255 days
Predecessor Earl Jack
Successor Earl Finn of Hawarden
Monarch Emperor Terry
Minister of the Interior
In Office
1 January 2019 - 12 July 2019
Predecessor None
Successor Lord Jack
Monarch Emperor Terry
Personal information
Born 30th March 2003
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Residence Danko House, Essexia
Occupation Minister Without Portfolio

The Right Honourable Matthew S, also known simply as Matthew, (born 2003), is an MP in the Parliament of Essexia. He is an active citizen, and regularly contributes to the micronation. Matthew is also a major policymaker and has proposed some major reforms undertaken by Essexia.

As part of the Cabinet reforms undertaken by the then First Minister Christopher in 2018, Matthew was appointed several roles as an important contributor to Essexia. His first role in the Imperial Court was from the Emperor, who appointed him as the Chief Whip, and was subsequently in charge of rallying support for the Emperor, which he did successfully in the early days of the micronation. Most notably, this allowed him to put key pro-monarchy articles in the Constitution of Essexia, and he can be accredited with the idea that sovereign power in Essexia rests with the monarchy. He is a self-proclaimed staunch monarchist, however this has been criticised by the Giraffe Concordat and Emperor Terry of Essexia as misleading, seeing he has admitted regret over centralising power with the monarchy in the constitution. He also maintains a close personal friendship with the Emperor, which has been criticised by several including Lord Commissar Jacob of Essexia and the Old Guard Party, as Matthew has been accused of using his friendship to consistently influence the Emperor, something Matthew denies.

He is currently a member of the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party, and Minister of Foreign Affairs; serving as the Essexian ambassador to the Grand Unified Micronational, in which, he is the Vice-Chairman.



On the 4th of August 2018, Matthew was made Second Lieutenant of the Army by Lord Jack. However, on the 5th of August, Matthew headed a rebel faction against Jack, and signed the Treaty of South Jaywick with Emperor Terry to force Jack out of power. This is another example of Matthew's ruthless intentions when defending the Emperor- which one was compared to that of Cromwell's relationship with King Henry VIII by the Weekly Reader.

On the 9th of August, Matthew was promoted to General of the Army, and on the 16th of September, Matthew was a key revolutionary in the revolution that opposed the Federation of Essexia, and signed the Treaty of Chelmsford, which formed the Commonwealth of Essexia.

He conducted an official Government visit to Slough, UK on the 20th of October 2018. He purchased goods there, including a Mars™ bar and fruit drinks, and established contact with the locals. Essexia has wished to ally with a puppet-state Slough for a while, with Emperor Terry appointing Matthew as Minister of Slough on the 14th of October. Matthew was particularly chosen for this role due to his race and is ethnically half Indian, which is the majority ethnicity in Slough.

Upon having doubts about the appropriateness of the Essexian position in Slough, due to the lack of anyone within Slough ever recognising Essexian sovereignty on a formal basis, Lord Matthew proposed that a public plebiscite should occur with the question "Should Slough have the right to self-determination?" The official count of the vote was 4, all of whom were relatives to Lord Matthew who reside in Slough, voted unanimously in favour of the vote. Following these events, it was decided that Slough, despite now having the ability to address its own situation, would be unilaterally declared independent by the Emperor, rather than undergo the humiliation of a successful independence motion. Lord Matthew resigned, and subsequently dissolved, the Office of the Minister of Slough and the Ministry of Slough. On the 28th May 2019, Lord Matthew, with help from his sister, lowered the Essexian Flag from the wall of his Grandmother's home in Slough, and placed a paper Union Jack in its place.

Lord Matthew in an Essexian cooking show, alongside the Emperor and Lord George Shepherd

He was removed from his position of General of the Imperial Army of Essexia on the 18th June, being replaced by Lord Ben due to the latter having a greater ability in ground combat, and by the Emperor's Wishes for a flatter, more organised Armed Forces Structure. His removal from this position was originally suggested by him, due to his belief Essexia should be less centralised by key players in the nation, and roles should be more distributed.

Foreign Affairs

After the 2019 Essexian general election, Lord Jack was not elected to serve in parliament and decided to leave the Essexian government following a personal disagreement with Jamie's behaviour during the event . Due to this, Essexia did not have a Foreign Minister, so Lord Matthew was appointed acting Foreign Minister by First Minister Jamie. Lord Jack eventually came back to the government of Essexia joining the Royalist Party and would replace Matthew as Interior Minister, and Matthew would officially be appointed as Foreign Minister, upon his own recommendation, with the belief that Jack should maintain a high cabinet role to his previous contributions to the nation.

During his time in the Foreign Ministry of Essexia, Matthew pioneered the Danko Doctrine, the idea that Essexia should aim to enter into diplomatic relations with every GUM member, something which he began working on but ultimately never completed. He did however enter into a number of diplomatic relations during his time in office, and forged close alliances with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall and Principality of Posaf. He also organised towards the end of his office Essexia's first bilateral summit with Millania, the 2020 Essexia–Millania London Summit, which involved the signing of a Treaty of Closer Cooperation between the two nations; the first of its kind for Essexia and Millania.

Lord Matthew resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs following his removal by Lord Jamie from negotiations during the Shenistan-Essexian War. He believed he could no longer fulfil his role as Foreign Minister after being deprived of much of his mandate to negotiate. As such, in the 26/3/20 cabinet shuffle, Matthew was given the role of 'Minister without Portfolio.'

He regained the role after the events of Snakey Saturday and now serves as the Essexian Ambassador to the Grand Unified Micronational, and still takes an active role in Essexian diplomacy.

The Grand Unified Micronational

Lord Matthew with four other Essexian delegates at the 2019 GUM Summit.

Although not one of the pioneers of the Essexian admittance into the GUM, Matthew has risen to be a prominent figure in Essexia regarding its membership of the organisation. As the Minister for Foreign Affairs, he was one of the three delegates responsible for representing Essexia, alongside Emperor Terry. As a result of the Emperors political neutrality and the convention that the First Minister devolves internationally related powers to the Foreign Office, Matthew is the highest-ranking member of the delegation and is the de-facto head of the mission. Inside the GUM, he was nominated as Associate Supreme Justice by Bradley, Duke of Dullahan during the latter's term as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and was subsequently voted into the role, which he lost upon Bradley's departure from office.

On the 28th June 2019, Lord Matthew was one of the members of the Essexian delegation to the 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit.

Matthew supported His Imperial Majesty King Thomas I in his candidacy for Chairmanship of the GUM, and was his running mate and thus candidate for Vice-Chairman. Upon Thomas's victory, Matthew became the Vice-Chairman of the organisation, something which was widely seen and celebrated as the greatest diplomatic success in Essexian history, and the first time Essexia had been given a forward role on the micronational stage.

Upon the victory of Newton von Uberquie as Chairman in 2020, he maintained his position and continues to serve as Vice Chairman.

Matthew was present for the 2020 Essexia–Millania London Summit and the two Uber-Esse-Essexia Summits.


Matthew is known for his outspoken personality. He does not place himself on the political spectrum but supports LGBTQ+ rights, and other civil movements associated with the left of the spectrum; including previously fundraising for Amnesty International. He is popular for his humour and wit, and has contributed to the scripts of comedy sketches made by the Dean Network, such as "Maths IRL", and Survival of the Unfittest.

In the GUM, Matthew contributed enormously to the Danos meme, in which New Westphalian president Daniel Morris is represented as being a Thanos like figure.

Personal life

Matthew lives with his family in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, near the Emperor's residence. He resides in the Danko House, which is the official residence of the Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.. He currently attends a local school and is studying for his A-levels. He is interested in current affairs, politics, and general history. He is a British citizen and claims he ultimately has greater allegiance to the United Kingdom over Essexia, and would oppose an independent Essex; he sees Essexia as more of a project and hobby rather than a functioning microstate.