Long Island War

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Long Island War
Ausverian Soldier during Operation Fall Gelb
Date8 October 2021 - Ongoing
West Long Island Coalition

New German Flag.jpg D.W.R.

Diplomatic support

Eastern opposition
Diplomatic support
Other factions
Commanders and leaders
West Long Island Coalition

Allied Leaders

New German Flag.jpg Vladimir Baruh
Eastern opposition

 Lake Ronkonkoma Sean Mankowich

Todt Hill Islamic Rebels.png Anthony A.
Units involved
Ausverian Reichswehr TodtHill1stInfantry.png 1st Infantry Division of Todt Hill

People's Republic of Tesforia Tesforian Armed Forces

Lake Ronkonkoma Dictat Armed Forces

Todt Hill Islamic Rebels.png 7 Militants

The Long Island War is an ongoing micronational conflict between the West Long Island Coalition and Tesforia. The conflict began on 8 October 2021, when the West Long Island Coalition declared war on Tesforia.


The West Long Island Coalition was formed on 18 August 2021 following a period of harsh feelings by western nations towards their eastern counterparts, especially regarding expansive claims by the proposed Islipian Empire taking up an estimated 6.75% of Long Island's landmass (Although due to events unrelated to the conflict, the Islipian Empire proposal would be reformed into the more moderate United Kingdoms of Greater Islip).

Beginning and early stages

The war began at 12:00 EST on 8 October 2021 when the Western Long Island Coalition declared war on the nations of Eastern Long Island[1]. Hours later at 17:26 the Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma declared war on the Western long Island Coalition.

Englican intervention

A day later, the United Royal Republic of Englica, an ally of Tesforia, joined the war on their side. They claim to hold land on Long Island, the Feathers and Gills Governate.

Operation Fall Gelb

Operation Fall Gelb (English: Case Yellow) was an Ausverian military campaign in Eastern Long Island to raid and capture as much territory as possible from the People’s Republic of Tesforia, Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma and the Islipian Empire.

Islamic Rebels in Todt Hill

On 29 November 2021, a group of Todt citizens of ethnic Turkish background declared independence from Todt Hill to form the "Caliphate of Staten Island". The Caliphate has shown hostility to both Todt Hill and Ausveria and is active near the Todt capital of New Lavallette as well as within the sphere of Influence of the Ausverian Province of Neu Memelland. On the 30th of November a series of skirmishes occurred between the 1st Infantry Division of Todt Hill and CSI forces near border with the Ausverian province of Neu Memelland resulting in a Todt victory.

Surge in Militant activities

By November first the number of militants surged to seven and on November second another skirmish occurred between Todt forces and the CSI resulting in a CSI victory. Following the victory on November second the Caliphate of Staten Island for the first time layed claim to Ausverian territory stating they have control of the majority of the territory claimed as part of Neu Memelland.

Purported image of Caliphate of Staten Island militant.

After the New Year

On January 8th 2022 a Battle took place in the Massapequa Forest Preserve near a frozen swamp at around 1:30pm. The battle began with Sean Mankowich shooting the Fredrick M. in the chest with a BB pistol, to which he responded by inflicting a small cut on Mankowich's hand with a rifle bayonet. The Battle proved to be Indecisive.


Naming debate

Sayville and Islipian Empire/UKGI

At the start of the conflict Ausveria and Todt Hill declared war upon the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions and Islipian Empire which both nations refused to acknowledge, immediately following the creation of the microwiki page for the conflict a series of edits were made back and forth removing and re-adding the nations to the page. After the planned Islipian Empire became the United Kingdoms of Greater Islip, they still refused to acknowledge the conflict.

International response

The State of Faltree is declaring its neutrality in the conflict currently underway on Long Island. It is unfortunate that Ausverians must be pitted against Tesforians, but there is little Faltree can currently do to help mitigate the situation. However I may add, any attempts by either side to threaten the sovereignty of Breuckelen shall be responded to accordingly.

Hunt Powell

  • Nexan Sigil.png Nexan Republic - On 9 October 2021, the Leader of the Nexan Republic, Desslok V. Nafage made a statement following the coalition's declaration of war.

Its an extremely simulationist and pathetic 'war' declaration. Ausviria[sic] was once an enemy of The Nexus after they refused to cease their persecution of Daniel Maloney. It was only after evidence of them using racist slurs against friends of mine and the reddit sector standing up against other individuals targeting him did he stop. On top of that, They have the audacity to call Allies of The Nexus (especially in a dispute that we got dragged into) 'nobodies', I don't know about You but that is extremely ironic when people are calling them irrelevant in the comment section. We have been more than happy to uphold the permanent suspension of relations between our two nations, As we have no intention of changing that stance.

— Desslok V. Nafage

The Gasconadian Social State supports the efforts of the Ausverian Volksrepublik and the West Long Island war coalition. However, Gasconade will not join the war, choosing to diplomatically support Ausveria's efforts rather than militarily.

Andrew Szemere

  • Wegmat - On October 22, the Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry released a statement.

Wegmat will not get directly involved in the War however Wegmat already dislikes Ausveria due to Cole Baird's Anti-defamation Policy and heavily sympathises with Tesforia. As Tesforia is a member of the UDCTC, an organization which Prime Minister Cole Baird is lead advisor to allies forces, Wegmat is likely to assist Tesforia through this organization.

Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry

While initially we claimed to support Tesforia against the expansionist intentions of Ausveria, it has become clear to the citizens of Malus that this war is not one of genuine animosity and bad blood, but rather a simulationist attention grab. The confederation condemns all nations involved in fighting, and we want the war to end soon and without issue so Long Island can prosper.

President Luci of Malus


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