List of people banned from entering Nedland

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The following is a list of people who have been banned from entering the Khanate of Nedland, mostly by decree of the Genghis Khan. Persona non grata means that the person will be denied upon attempt to entry, or detained if the attempt is made; a blacklisted person will be shot on sight if they enter the sovereign territory of Nedland.

Nationality Individual Status Official reason for banning
Poland Władimir Leszczyński Persona non grata Banned due to the falsification of the death of Paweł Sadowski, friend of Nedland. Considered a jail-worthy offense in Nedland. Action of Mr. Leszczyński's ban was following suit of the Abeldane Empire's decision on 12 September.
SSRN.jpg Nadiria Alexey Podtetenev Persona non grata Banned due to offences committed against Pavlov.
Asmaan Valery Sedyakin Persona non grata Banned due to Neo-Nazi beliefs and threats to the state.
Florian Republic Edwin Farrar Persona non grata Banned for memes.
United States Ben Shapiro Persona non grata Banned due to ending Nedlando-Khorashan with "facts and logic."