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Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel, real name Zarel Smith,[1] and commonly known mononymously by his most popular nickname Zed, has gained a number of nicknames and titles throughout his micronational career. His full style in New Eiffel is supposedly:

His Majesty, Prince Zarel the First of the Principality of New Eiffel, Grand Peacefur, Lord of Essexia, Baron of Ünie, Baron of Green Gate, Baron of Abelden, Sovereign of the Order of the Beaver, Sovereign of the Order of the Lion, Sovereign of the Most Excellent Order of the Amphisbaena Potato, Officer of the Order of Christina I, Officer of the Order of the Campatriots of Prestige, Officer of the Austenasian Order, Member of the Order of Ongwanada, Member of the Most Glorious Order of Millanian Excellence, Recipient of the Order of the Silver Cat[2]

Common nicknames

Name Details
Zed[3] Most popular nickname.
Zeddy Username on Discord.
New Eiffel Government[4] Former username on the social media platform Discord.

Micronational titles and styles

Name Details
His Majesty Prince Zarel I[2] Simple title.
His Majesty Prince Zarel the First of the Principality of New Eiffel, Grand Peacefur[2] Shortened title used in royal decrees and official documents.
His Majesty Prince Zarel I of the Principality of New Eiffel[2] Shorter title.
Prince Zed I[5] Formerly used title for privacy.
Prince Zar I[6] Formerly used title for privacy.

Other micronational names

Name Micronation Details
Zedy Smith[7] Abelden Nickname
The Baron Smith[7] Abelden Title
Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate[8] Austenasia Title
Lord Shrek of Essexia[a][9] Essexia Title
Zed Zarel Ikonia Legal name in Ikonia
Zarel Insaniam Wilhelmus Fabius Jacobus Nathan Avidikus Shrek Storm Smith II Misberia Legal full name in Misberia
The Baron of Ünie, Zarel Ünie Title
ZS Abelden Initials used during his run in the Abeldane by-election for November 2019


Name Details
DJ Zeddy[10] Stage name
Z. Luna Skye[6] MicroWiki username and pen name[11]


Name Details
Zarel Smith[1] Name and surname
Zarel Wilhelmus Jacobus Smith[1] Legal full name
Z. W. J. S. Initials
Zarel W. J. S. Variation
Z. W. J. Smith Variation


  1. Lord Zarel of Essexia is also used.


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