List of memes in Georgienstine

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This is a list of memes in the Federal Republic of Georgienstine.


A meme Isaiah David created and presented on congress floor.
  • Castel Society: A secret society based in Castel, Georgienstine whose membership is highly restricted. Access is only granted to those who are above a certain MEE6 level in the Georgienstinian Discord server.
  • Jimmy is a chad: A cult-like attitude towards Jimmy Foddle, former Secretary of State.
  • Deep state pickles: A conspiracy theory started by Isaiah David which claims the Georgienstian government is being infiltrated by the “radical deep state pickles.” He ended up getting expelled from GF after they did not put him on the congressional list and he ran as an Independent. He spread the theory through a satire news site "The Real Onion". He also attempted to form the Anti-Deep State Pickle Party to spread the views.
  • Addison is Dream: A joke story run by UNC News which claimed that Addison Dillon was Minecraft YouTuber Dream.
  • Farmer-Labour Party: A political party formed by Renzo Wessels and Addison Dillon after she left the Socialist Labour Party. The party was widely seen as being a fringe party due to its similarities to the SLP's ideologies and not having a distinct purpose for existing.
  • #harass-rafa: A Discord channel in the Georgienstinian Discord server originally created for foreign affairs, but eventually fell inactive. It was replaced by a channel where users can use the MEE6 command "stillwaiting" and ping Raphael Olivier along with the message "Still waiting." This is meant to make a joke of the fact that new foreign affairs treaties have not been signed for a long time, and the Georgienstinian government does not consider them very important.
    A screenshot of the event in the Georgienstinian Discord server.
  • Nuts in Fucking: An originally fictional Discord event created by Alexandre Olivier. The event is scheduled to be held in Fucking, Austria 20 March 2023.
  • Desecration of the flag: After Minority Whip Nicolas Caiazzo burned the flag of Georgienstine to protest the Desecration of the Flag Act, a photo of him burning the flag circulated as a meme template and server emoji.
  • Grogonstin and such variations on its name are used as a caricature of Georgienstine's name, which to some may be difficult to spell due to its high frequency of vowels.

Images and videos

The screenshot which depicts Dante Winchester-Thanos with the "Georgienstinian President" role.
  • President Winchester: A screenshot of Georgienstinian citizen Dante Winchester-Thanos with the “Georgienstinian President” role, which was given to him by accident.
  • Tom laughing: A Zoom screenshot of Tom Mark laughing while making a goofy face taken by Ali Farrokhzad. It is commonly used in place of laughing emojis.
  • Ben eyes: A Discord emoji that is a close-up of Benjamin Pickles’ eyes.
  • Rafasexface: A term coined by Ali Farrokhzad to describe a Discord emoji that consists of Raphaël Olivier making a funny face on Zoom.



The joke ad aired by Nicolas Caiazzo referring to Georgienstine First as "Fascist Lite."
  • Bonerland: A nickname for the micronation Republic of Bonumland, first coined by either Raphaël Olivier or Ali Farrokhzad.
  • Racisy: A misspelling of the word “racist” uttered by Furkan Altay during an argument. The phrase has since been used in response to mock a controversial statements or posts.
  • Dumby and cringe white people: Said by Tukat Ætimak during a debate about the George Floyd protests of 2020 on Florania's Discord server.
  • Fascist Lite: A nickname given to Georgienstine First by the People’s Voice news network. It was also used by Nicolas Caiazzo in an joke attack ad against Georgienstine First.
  • Flaud argument: A copypasta from Max Barrows relating to the negative effects of capitalism, considered comedic due to its unintellegibility, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. It has since become a common response to fringe, controversial, or sarcastic points of view.

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