List of locations in New Eiffel

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This is a list of locations inside of the Principality of New Eiffel.

Mainland New Eiffel

New Leeds

Intermicronational border separating New Eiffel and the United Kingdom to the south-east side. Separated by a stone brick wall, the border has an estimated 950 to 1,300 crossings annually.

Parking lot for XCU Therapy made for four cars.

A popular therapy company. It was officially created somewhere in October 2003, and registered in New Eiffel on August 2018, registered as being founded on 9 October 2003. Having nearly 900 clients, it is one of the most popular locations in New Eiffel.

A room in which political and official meetings take place. Commonly between political leaders or members of the New Eiffelic government. Also serves part time as the parliament building.

A museum about the history of money used in New Eiffelic history, including New Finland. It was opened in September 2018.

Modern art art gallery. It is a somewhat central landmark of the city, and is located in the Main Building in the city's central point. Thirteen objects from pre-New Eiffelic history to 2020 are exhibited over an area of approximately 10.3 metres (34 ft).

A restaurant created in 2007 with outdoor and indoor seating. It is also the only active restaurant in New Eiffel. It serves some popular New Eiffelic cuisine, such as a tea and candy cane dish, and an apple meaton among others.

A part-time beauty salon and spa.

The official council building in New Eiffel.

The headquarters of film studio Z&jProductions.


Field for the ball game rugbull.

Longest road in New Eiffel. The road begins at the eastern most point in Plitvice at the border between the city of New Leeds and ends at the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border in Új Repülő. It runs alongside New Eiffel Gardens, before it leads into Új Repülő and intersects with Prince Zarel I Road, then turns to the south after about 26.6 m (87.3 ft), before turning back to the west. After the highway resumes its westerly course, it intersects with Dead Tree Lane, then runs next to Unnamed Circle – which is a roundabout – and New Eiffel School, before finally ending at the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border.

Bike parking.

A botanical garden which also grows crops.

Új Repülő

The only school in New Eiffel.

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