List of languages in Nusa Barung

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Number Language name State of language Special admits
1 Dutch Official According + 80% of the citizens of Nusa Barung speak Dutch.
2 English Official English has choosen as a official languages because its used everywhere and Nusa Barung citizens came from all over the world.
3 Joeriak National Joeriak is a National Language because its the language build by the king.
4 Indonesian Recognized Indonesian has tried because Nusa Barung lays close to mainland Indonesia.
5 Swedish Recognized
6 Finnish Recognized
7 Russian Recognized
8 French Recognized
9 German Recognized
10 Esperanto Recognized
11 Latin Recognized
12 Spanish Recognized
13 Greek Recognized
14 Turkish Recognized
15 Korean Recognized
16 Arabic Recognized
17 Chinese Recognized
18 Northern-Sámi Recognized
19 Danish Recognized
20 Malay Recognized
21 Thai Recognized
22 Vietnamese Recognized