List of current heads of diplomatic missions of Vishwamitra

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This article contains several lists of ambassadors and consuls-general of Vishwamitra.

The Heads of Vishwamitran diplomatic missions are persons appointed as senior diplomats to individual nations, or international organisations. They are usually appointed as ambassadors. The head of mission to an international organisation is usually a permanent representative. For some nations a consul or consul-general is appointed.

Map of the location of the diplomatic missions of Vishwamitra.
  indicate residential embassies.
  indicate non-residential embassies.

Current heads of missions to other countries


Host country City (location) Type of mission Ambassador Appointed List
 Australia Sydney Embassy Zechariah O'Hair 29 December 2020 List
 Austria Scharding Embassy Arthur C. de Tourneau 16 May 2021 List
 Slovenia Embassy accredited from Slovenia 3 October 2021 List
 Belgium Keerbergen Embassy Jules Vierstraete 28 September 2021 List
 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Embassy General The Duke of Damão
(Chargé d'affaires)
5 April 2022 List
 Canada Ottawa Embassy Major General The Lord Cooper of Ottawa 23 December 2020 List
 Chile Quillón Embassy Ignis Audeladroit 27 October 2021 List
 China Wenzhou Embassy Vân Tinh Nghiên Tuyết 17 January 2022 List
 Colombia Bogotá Embassy Herman Ivan Lopez Torres 23 December 2020 List
 Czech Republic Sušice Embassy Thomas Frank Falesnik 9 May 2022 List
 Denmark Copenhagen Embassy Thomas O'Reilly 23 December 2020 List
 Estonia Tallinn Embassy Admiral The Count of Harrien 2 April 2021 List
 Finland Helsinki Embassy Erkki Tšaikovsky 17 January 2022 List
 Germany Bad Oldesloe Embassy Lieutenant Jan-Olav Spiekermann 29 March 2021 List
 Obscurium Embassy accredited from Germany 21 November 2021 List
 Greece Athens Embassy The Lord de Vitaliis 15 March 2022 List
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy accredited from Greece List
 Croatia List
 Hungary Budapest Embassy Laszlo Gabor 17 January 2022 List
 Ikonia Gotanagar Non-resident embassy from Gotanagar The Rajpramukh of Kamrupa 25 April 2021 List
 India Guwahati Embassy The Rajpramukh of Beltola 22 September 2021 List
 Indonesia Semarang Embassy Manggala Alif Prasetia 9 May 2021 List
 Iran Tehran Embassy Shayan SJ 26 September 2021 List
 Ireland Galway Embassy Sepoy Thomas Jacobs 15 March 2022 List
 Israel Greater London Embassy accredited from United Kingdom Reuben Perac 23 March 2022 List
 Italy Piedmont Embassy Lorenzo Marquez 3 October 2021 List
  Holy See Embassy accredited from Italy
 San Marino
 Japan Kanagawa Embassy Carl von Joseph Werzberg 3 January 2021 List
 Kaleido Parañaque Embassy accredited from the Philippines Paolo Evangelista 4 December 2021 List
 Karnia-Ruthenia Brikshasthana Non-resident embassy from Brikshasthana[a] The Princess Regent of Purvanchal 17 May 2021 List
 Lithuania Illinois Embassy accredited from United States The Lord Murray 27 October 2021 List
 Lurdentania Queensland Embassy accredited from Australia The Lord Doan 4 December 2021 List
 Malta Rabat Embassy Sepoy The Lord Tonna 22 October 2021 List
 Mexico California Embassy accredited from United States Ezri Ambriz 12 January 2021 List
 Morocco Utrecht Embassy accredited from the Netherlands Hicham Soyuz 29 December 2020 List
 Nepal Rolpa Embassy Archit Babu Merciful 23 March 2022 List
 Netherlands Nuenen Embassy Ralf M.M. Stultiëns 25 April 2021 List
 New Zealand New Plymouth Embassy Caleb Ashworth 21 April 2022 List
 Nicaragua Managua Embassy Noor 3 January 2021 List
 Nigeria Abuja Embassy Professor Bashiru Aremu 15 March 2022 List
 Norway Embassy Chris Ramsay 9 May 2022[b] List
 Pakistan Lahore Embassy The Lord Mirza of Lahore 23 December 2020 List
 Philippines Pasig City Embassy Colonel The Duke of Karad 22 September 2021 List
 Queensland Navanna Non-resident embassy from Navanna The Senior Prince of Purvanchal 22 September 2021 List
 Romania Snagov Embassy General The Duke of Entrosinhos 15 March 2022 List
 Moldova Embassy accredited from Romania 22 September 2021 List
 Sildavia Basistha City Non-resident embassy from Basistha City The Rajpramukh of Basistha 22 September 2021 List
 Slovakia Bratislava Embassy Jerry Walmart 17 May 2021 List
 Sweden Malmö Embassy Harrison Dosen Grunning 12 January 2021 List
  Switzerland Geneva Embassy Lieutenant General The Duke of Stettin 15 March 2022 List
 Liechtenstein Embassy accredited from Switzerland 2 April 2021 List
 Taiwan Taipei City Embassy Su Yi-An 3 January 2021 List
 Thailand Chiang Mai Embassy Eun Jo 22 December 2020 List
 United Kingdom Essex Embassy Marshal of the Air Force The Count of Essex 13 April 2021 List
 Austenasia Embassy accredited from United Kingdom 22 September 2021 List
 Lundenwic 26 September 2021 List
 United States Youngstown Embassy The Duke of Youngstown 29 December 2020 List
 Venezuela Los Guayos Embassy Juan Cisneros 1 February 2021 List


Host country Location Consul-General Appointed List
 Australia w:South Australia Adelaide, South Australia The Lord Hubbard of Adelaide 26 September 2021 List
w:New South Wales Goulburn, New South Wales Chris Millar 13 December 2021 List
w:Queensland, Australia Mackay, Queensland Lieutenant General The Duke of Griffith 22 September 2021 List
w:Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Patrick Kenny 22 October 2021 List
 Brazil  Rio de Janeiro General The Duke of Damão 29 September 2021 List
 Canada w:Ontario Barrie, Ontario The Lord Alexander 5 April 2022 List
 China  Hong Kong Nicolas Millan 25 April 2021 List
 Greece w:Greece Agrinio Thomas Marios 15 March 2022
 India w:India South India [c] Atharva Bikram Pal 13 December 2021 List
w:India East India [d] Preetam Kapei 10 August 2022 List
 Philippines w:Philippines Parañaque City Paolo Evangelista 22 September 2021 List
 Cebu City The Lord Mancio of Cebu 22 September 2021 List
 United Kingdom  Surrey Larry Martin 30 September 2021 List
 Somerset Rafe Burfield 6 April 2022 List
 United States w:Arizona Gilbert, Arizona Charles von Graustark 29 September 2021 List
w:California San Diego, California Ezri Ambriz 21 December 2021 List
w:Colorado Longmont, Colorado Petrus Andreas 23 November 2021 List
w:Georgia (U.S. state) Sandy Springs, Georgia The Count of Mullins 16 August 2021 List
w:Illinois Chicago, Illinois The Lord Murray 21 December 2021 List
w:Louisiana Metairie, Louisiana Andrew Perdomo 17 May 2021 List
w:Pennsylvania West Grove, Pennsylvania Devin Purcell 6 April 2022 List
w:Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan Michael Shepard 26 September 2021 List
w:Minnesota Kettle River, Minnesota Vice Admiral The Lord Bainbridge 22 September 2021 List
w:Mississippi Madison, Mississippi Police General The Count of Madison 13 December 2021 List
w:New York Long Island, New York General The Lord Ironside of Long Island 12 January 2021 List
w:North Carolina Laurinburg, North Carolina The Lord Billung of Laurinburg 12 January 2021 List
w:South Carolina Edgefield, South Carolina Robert Smith 2 August 2021 List
w:Texas San Antonio, Texas Brigadier The Duke of Osian 11 January 2021 List

Current ambassadors to international organisations

International Organization Ambassador Appointed
 Asia-Pacific Alliance (ASPAA) The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 22 August 2020
23x19px link= Association of South Asian Micronations (ASAM) The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 25 August 2020
23x19px link= Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra (First Ambassador) 1 September 2020
The Count of Mullins (Second Ambassador) 2 July 2021[e]
23x19px link= International Aerospace Community (IAC) The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 25 January 2021
 League of Hellenistic Micronations (LHM) The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 13 March 2021
23x19px link= Micronational Olympic Federation (MOF) The Lord Hubbard of Adelaide

Current ambassadors and consuls-general by diplomatic precedence

The precedence of the diplomatic corps is determined by the Ministry of External Affairs on the basis of the date of assumption of office and other protocol determined by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ambassadors receive a precedence over consuls-generals. The current diplomatic precedence is as follows:

  1. His Illustrious and Royal Majesty, The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra (Chief Ambassador)
  2. His Exalted Highness, The Deputy Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra (Deputy Chief Ambassador)
  3. His Excellency, Rafe Burfield (First Ambassador and Ambassador to the United Kingdom)
  4. The Right Honourable, Thomas Jacobs (Second Ambassador and Ambassador to Ireland)
  5. His Excellency, The Lord Mirza of Lahore (Dean of Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador to Pakistan)
  6. His Excellency, The Duke of Karad (Ambassador to the Philippines)
  7. His Excellency The Right Honourable, The Duke of Griffith (Consul-General in Mackay)
  8. His Excellency, The Count of Mullins (Consul-General in Georgia)
  9. His Excellency, The Duke of Entrosinhos (Ambassador to Romania)
  10. His Excellency, The Duke of Youngstown (Ambassador to the United States)
  11. His Excellency, The Duke of Osian (Consul-General in San Antonio)
  12. His Excellency, The Lord Alexander (Consul-General in Barrie)
  13. His Excellency, The Lord Ramsay (Ambassador to Norway)
  14. His Excellency, The Lord Bainbridge (Consul-General in Kettle River)
  15. His Excellency, The Count of Harrien (Ambassador to Estonia)
  16. His Excellency, The Lord Hubbard of Adelaide (Consul-General in Adelaide)
  17. His Excellency, The Lord De Vitaliis (Ambassador to Greece)
  18. His Excellency, The Duke of Damão (Interim Ambassador to Brazil)
  19. His Excellency, The Lord Tonna (Ambassador to Malta)
  20. The Right Honourable, The Lord Doan (Ambassador to Lurdentania)
  21. His Excellency, The Lord Cooper of Ottawa (Ambassador to Canada)
  22. The Right Honourable, The Lord Mancio of Cebu (Consul-General in Cebu City)
  23. The Honourable, Su Yi-An (Ambassador to the Republic of China)
  24. The Honourable, Andrew Perdomo (Consul-General in Metairie, Louisiana)
  25. The Honourable, Lorenzo Marquez (Ambassador to Italy, Holy See and San Marino)
  26. The Honourable, Eun Jo (Ambassador to Thailand)
  27. The Honourable, Herman Ivan Lopez Torres (Ambassador to Colombia)
  28. The Honourable, Thomas O'Reilly (Ambassador to Denmark)
  29. The Honourable, Hicham Soyuz (Ambassador to Morocco)
  30. The Honourable, Zechariah O'Hair (Ambassador to Australia)
  31. The Honourable, Carl von Joseph Werzberg (Ambassador to Japan)
  32. The Honourable, Noor (Ambassador to Nicaragua since 3 January 2021)
  33. The Honourable, Ezri Ambriz (Ambassador to Mexico)
  34. The Honourable, Harrison Dosen Grunning (Ambassador to Sweden)
  35. The Honourable, Juan Cisneros (Ambassador to Venezuela)
  36. The Honourable, Jan-Olav Spiekermann (Ambassador to Germany)
  37. The Honourable, Ralf M.M. Stultiëns (Ambassador to the Netherlands)
  38. The Honourable, Arthur C. de Tourneau (Ambassador to Austria and Slovenia)
  39. The Honourable, Jerry Walmart (Ambassador to Slovakia)
  40. The Right Honourable, Marshal, The Count of Essex (Ambassador to Austenasia and Lundenwic)
  41. The Honourable, Shayan SJ (Ambassador to Iran)
  42. The Honourable, Jules Vierstraete (Ambassador to Belgium)
  43. The Honourable, Ignis Audeladroit (Ambassador to Chile)
  44. The Honourable, Paolo Evangelista (Ambassador to Kaleido and Consul-General in Parañaque City)
  45. The Honourable, Laszlo Gabor (Ambassador to Hungary)
  46. The Honourable, Vân Tinh Nghiên Tuyết (Ambassador to the People's Republic of China)
  47. The Honourable, Erkki Tšaikovsky (Ambassador to Finland)
  48. The Honourable, Professor, Bashiru Aremu (Ambassador to Nigeria)
  49. The Honourable, Reuben Perac (Ambassador to Israel and Consul-General in London)
  50. The Honourable, Archit Babu Merciful (Ambassador to Nepal)
  51. The Honourable, Caleb Ashworth (Ambassador to New Zealand)
  52. The Honourable, Thomas Frank Falesnik (Ambassador to the Czech Republic)
  53. The Honourable, Manggala Alif Prasetia (Ambassador to Indonesia)
  54. The Honourable, Nicolas Millan (Consul-General in Hong Kong)
  55. The Right Honourable, The Lord Billung of Laurinburg (Consul-General in North Carolina)
  56. The Right Honourable, Colonel General, The Lord Ironside of Long Island (Consul-General in Long Island)
  57. Shri Robert Smith (Consul-General in Edgefield)
  58. Shri Michael Shepard (Consul-General in Kalamazoo)
  59. Shri Charles von Graustark (Consul-General in Gilbert)
  60. The Honourable, Patrick Kenny (Consul-General in Perth)
  61. Shri Petrus Andreas (Consul-General in Longmont)
  62. Shri Larry Martin (Consul-General in Surrey))
  63. The Right Honourable, The Count of Madison (Consul-General in Madison)
  64. Shri Chris Millar (Consul-General in Goulburn)
  65. Shri Atharva Bikram Pal (Consul-General in South India)
  66. Shri Thomas Marios (Consul-General in Agrinio)
  67. Shri Devin Purcell (Consul-General in West Grove)
  68. Shri Arnav Shinde (Consul-General in Pune)
  69. Shri Preetam Kapei (Consul-General in East India)

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  1. The Vishwamitran Ambassador to the Karno-Ruthenian Empire is resident in the city of Brikshasthana and heads the diplomatic mission from the accrediting nation itself.
  2. The embassy in Norway was first established on 12 January 2021 but was closed on 31 January 2021. Functions of the embassy was transferred to the embassy in Sweden on 5 April 2022, and subsequently was re-established on 9 May 2022.
  3. The Consulate-General in South India located in Bengaluru is assigned with the affairs of the five South Indian states namely, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and the two union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry.
  4. The Consulate-General in East India located in Brahmapur is assigned with the affairs of the four East Indian states namely, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  5. Tyler Mullins served as Third Ambassador to the Grand Unified Micronational between 2 July 2021 and 27 February 2022.