List of terrorist organizations and armed rebellions designated by Conzorica

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Rank of Terrorist and Armed rebellion

The list of Terrorist Organization and Armed Rebellion designed by Conzorica government since 2008 when Conzorica still have a secret political party,terrorist group and armed rebellion which the higher the level the more dangerous.

Terrorist Organization

Evil Terrorist

It's highest rank of all list , the most dangerous group.

  • AQMI Flag.svg.png ISIS Islamic State (Daesh):The devil incarnate !Conzorica's Primary Enemy.
  • Boko Haram :Daesh's alliance
  • Abu Sayyaf: Daesh's alliance
  • Ansar Bait al-Maqdis: Daesh's alliance
  • Ansar al-sharia(Libya)


  • Al-Qaeda
  • Al-shabaab
  • Communist Party of China (Conzorica is the world's first Country has designated China Communist Party as Terrorist Group)
  • Caucasus Emirate
  • Guy of network bullying
  • Lord's Resistance Army
  • Tehrik-i-Taliban
  • Tamil Tiger
  • Worker's Party of Korea (North Korea)
  • Vandalism hacker on Microwiki

Armed Rebellion

Extremist Armed rebellion

  • Afhans Taliban :Hate NATO only
  • Al-Nusra Front : Anti-Daesh and joined Syrian Revolution Front
  • Al-Qaeda in Arab Peninsula : Competition with Daesh

Nationalism Extremist Armed Rebellion

  • Donetsk People's Republic
  • Kurdish Workers Party
  • Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
  • Hamas
  • Hezbollah

Armed Rebellion

  • Houthis
    • Korean People's Army

Extremist Armed Forces

    • Korean People's Army