List of MA Scribe Reports

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List of MA Scribe Reports.

MA Log Entry

  • MA Log Entry #44 - The second MA Discord Server was deleted after the server holder account was hacked by supposedly Daniel Hunt II, the former president of United Ocean States.
  • MA Log Entry #45 - The Arthurian Empire was accepted as a Member State on July 17, 2020, with 5 supporting and 0 opposing this motion. The United Republic of Tree was accepted as a Member State on July 21, 2020, with 3 supporting and 0 opposing this motion. The Empire of the Jewel was also accepted as a Member State on July 21, 2020, with 3 supporting and 0 opposing this motion. I had a wisdom teeth removal surgery yesterday, which will limit Saspearian's diplomacy and internal affairs. This will remain in effect until I fully recover from the surgery.
  • MA Log Entry #46 - The United States of Anonia was accepted as a Member State, with 4 supporting and 0 opposing this motion.
  • MA Log Entry #47 - The MA Council Election of July 2020 concluded today with Great Lawl Reich, Natlin, Faltree, Tueoedeth, and Pacifica winning the ballot. Multiple individuals announced candidacy for the February 2021 election, which includes Williamsburg, Great Lawl Reich, Saspearian, and Jehovah. The Kingdom of Compen's application for Membership was accepted, with 4 supporting and 0 opposing this motion. The Kingdom of De Witt's application for Observer was accepted, with 4 supporting and 0 opposing this motion. The Principality of Runnymede's application for Membership was accepted, with 3 supporting and 0 opposing this motion.
  • MA Log Entry #48 - The Herzetian territory of South Yeno was annexed by the Great Lawl Reich. The first elections for the Principality of Runnymede concluded today, with a total turnout of 100%, the Labor (sic) Party won the majority at 60%, in contrast (sic) the Conservative Party was voted for at slightly below the majority at 40%. The Grand Duchy of Leónsle's application for Observer is currently being voted on by the Council.
  • Scribe Report 156: Server is re made after Phenn deleted the 3nd one with this new MA has Great Lawl Reich as Chairman, ConnorTheSmith Tueodeth Saspearian and A Generic Name as Councilmen, and CMark as Prohibition Officer. The Jewel Republic took both roles of Scribe and Chief Justice after Herzetia resigned. Along with that Kapreburg resignes from the MA, long live MA my friends farewell.
  • Scribe Report 157: Runnymede annexed a small piece of land about 0.04 Km big, and it will be made into the 7th constituency so congrats Runnymede! Along with that the original Mensan declaration of independence was found yesterday and Mensan is also working on their royal aircraft. In other annexation news, the Kingdom of Peyossia secretly & successfully expand their territory to east (over 150 sq meters). And in Winter news the first snow of winter has fallen in Tueodeth.
  • Scribe Report 173: The King of Drietsland has announced Elections on February 12 in Drietsland.
  • Scribe Report 174: Flooding happened in the capitol building of Mensa Anna two days ago with minor damage to the building.
  • MA Log Entry #175 - I have officially assumed the office of the MA Scribe following the resignation of the Jewel Republic from the position. Regarding the membership applications, Pontunia was accepted as a Member State of the MA, with 4 votes in support and 0 votes in opposition. The Dominion of Tarcallia's application for Observership is currently being voted on by the Council with 1 vote in support being reported so far. Snowfall was reported in Saspearian and Tueoedeth earlier this week. Mainland Saspearian, the region of Saspearian that snow was reported in, was mostly unaffected by the power outages in the local area. Yesterday, marked the 7th anniversary of the Great Lawl Reich declaring Independence from Canada.
  • MA Log Entry #176 - Connor Shaw of the Dominion of West Canada sued the MA in an accusation of the organization violating the MA Charter due to the Jewel Republic being the Chief Justice and Council Member simultaneously. The sentence for the case was decided by the Jury’s whom were appointed during the case that Diamiter Chase of the Jewel Republic would not be able to continue serving as the Chief Justice. Tsar Stefan I of the Great Lawl Reich renamed the position of Chief Justice to the Attorney following the ruling. Asher, the leader of Herzetia was later confirmed as the Attorney by the MA Council following the sentence.
  • MA Log Entry #177 - The trial for Connor Shaw was held on Sunday after he was prosecuted for banning members from the MA Discord server. Connor Shaw pleaded guilty but also defended himself from being sentenced to a ban due to contributions regarding his tenure as Councilman and Scribe. The sentence for the trial was for him to be on a 1 week period of supervision and to not hold any public offices in the MA other then a delegate until July. Today marks 1 year since I was unbanned from the MA following the August 2019 ban.
  • MA Log Entry #178 - Saspearian, the Great Lawl Reich, Runnymede, Delphia, and the Jewel Republic were removed from the Council by Attorney Asher, as an invocation of the 6th Amendment of the MA Charter. Due to complaints regarding the Council Members being ‘inactive’ and ‘incomptent’ (sic). Asher has became (sic) the Acting Chairman following the ruling, there will be a special election held next week to replace the Council.
  • MA Log Entry #179 - There was a special election held late yesterday through the evening of today, the nations who won the council election were Lakeland with 15 votes, Faltree with 14 votes, Senland with 13 votes, Vulhalin with 12 votes, and Norcross with 11 votes. Jacob Decenuninck of Vulhalin was elected as Chairman by the Council. Yesterday, 25% of the population of Norcross was reported to have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 Vaccine. In Drietsland, the Tirkanist Party is projected to retain the title of Secretary of the Realm and win the Discord Constituency and 50% of the House upcoming elections Earlier today, the Jewel Republic’s government transitioned into a Parliamentary Democracy, the House of Commons and the Lizun Afrisha also referred to as the Council of the Phoenix have become part of the Legislative branch.
  • MA Log Entry #180 - Yesterday, Micronational Assembly v. Emperor Anthony I was dropped as a court case due to the plaintiff, Hunt P. of Faltree no longer seeing the planned creation of a new MA as borne out of incompetence rather than hostile intentions towards the MA, but rather. The Micronational Assembly v. Isaac J. White court case was held today, Issac J, White pleaded guilty to mass banning following the results of the MA Council Election of January 2021. Attorney Asher sentenced Issac J. White to serve 1 week period of supervision and to not hold any public offices other then Delegate until July. In the Jewel Republic, the Unum will be adopted as the national currency after the completion of the Dima. The majority of the Lizun Afrisha voted for renaming the House of Representatives to the Lizun Dobon.