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Metrics Users
Ratio Dimensions Count List
1.4 7:5 1

Flag of Verd'land.svg Verd'land

1.5 3:2 15

Flag of Atlantium.png AtlantiumBelcityflag.png BelcityElendors-kingdom-flag.jpeg ElendorVlagHeist.png Heist-op-den-BergFlag-of-Juclandia.png JuclandiaLiberland Flag.png LiberlandFlag of Lovely.png LovelyFlag of the Lurk Republic.png LurkMolossia flag.png MolossiaNewnatlinflag.png NatlinSabini national flag.jpg Free State of SabiniFlag of Sealand.png SealandFdros.png Sezentrania Suverska Veyshnoria

1.5714 11:7 1

Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasia

1.6 8:5 3

 IndokistanFlag ladonia.png Ohio Republic

1.6 5:3 4

 Kingdom of AtoviaGay flag (5-3).png Coral SeaFakeflag-mh2-au5.png EllesmereSlitronia Flag.png The Great Kingdom of Slitronia

1.7143 12:7 1

UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Beaulosagñe and the Templars

1.7321 √3:1 1

Th Flag National 8.png Theodia[1]

1.7 16:9 3

Regelis flag 16h.png RegelisFlag of Australis.svg AustralisAtiera flag.svg Atiera

1.9 19:10 1 New Lubenia
2 2:1 5

 Aerican EmpireElocEmpireFlag.png Eloc Empire Sabia and Verona Seborga United States of Akkerman

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Footnotes & references

  1. This flag is normally displayed vertically, with an inverted ratio.