List of Faltrian Flags

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This is a list of flags in Faltree, both modern and historical.

National flags

Flag Date Use Description
FaltreeCivil.svg 9 September 2021 - present Civil flag of Faltree Flag ratio 2:3. Adopted through the passing of the Flag Act.[1] Identical to the first Faltrian state flag.
Newfaltree2021.png 27 February 2021 State flag of Faltree Fasces removed from the Nordic cross recolor for one day and later reverted.
Flag of Faltree.svg 15 February 2021 - present State flag of Faltree Flag ratio 2:3. Implemented to correct the shade of red on the first Nordic cross flag.
Faltree.png 30 March 2020 - 15 February 2021 State flag of Faltree First Faltrian state flag to feature the Nordic cross.
FaltreeCivil.svg 9 March 2020 - 30 March 2020 State flag of Faltree First state flag of Faltree.

Regional flags

County flags

Flag Date County IMSO 1 code
Aleunnic Faltree flag.svg Aleunnic Faltree FTR-
Bigcoulee.svg Big Coulee FTR-
UMSBosche.svg Bosche FTR-
Flag of Breuckelen.svg Breuckelen FTR-
Dorr.png Dorr FTR-
Forsyth.svg New Forsyth FTR-
NewFaltrianTueoedeth.png Faltrian-Tueoedeth FTR-
Galway.svg Galway FTR-
Jamestown flag.png Jamestown (Faltree) FTR-
Newhavre.png New Havre FTR-
Oakflag.svg Oak FTR-
Richmondflag.png Richmond FTR-
Stonefortnew.svg Stonefort FTR-
Tughillflag.svg Tug Hill FTR-
Xanten.svg Xanten FTR-
YaakFlag.svg Yaak FTR-

Territorial flags

Flag Date County IMSO 1 code
Eccleston.png Eccleston FTR-
Faltrian-berkshire flag.png Faltrian-Berkshire FTR-
Betsy Ross Flag.png Faltrian-Falmouth FTR-
Union of Mountain States Eureka Flag.png New Eureka FTR-
Parkway1.png Parkway Territory FTR-

Political Flags

Flag Party
Democratic-Republican Flag.png Democratic Republican
Dbhl flag.png

NationalLaborParty.png National Labor Party

Historical flags


Flag Date County
Seawallfaltree.png Aleunnic Faltree
Breuckelen.png Breuckelen
Faltrianbunkers.png Jamestown
OakFaltree.png Oak
Speerterritory.png Speer County
Tueoeodethan.png Faltrian-Tueoedeth
Old Flag of Tug Hill.svg Tug Hill


Flag Date Territory
Aleunnic Territory.svg Aleunnic Territory