List of FRV claims

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Every state/province that contains Vulhalian claims

This is a list of every state, county, and territory that the Federal Republic of Vulhalin officially claims.

States of Vulhalin

Flag Name Population Representative
Newnatlinflag.png Natlin 26 Jacob Deceuninck
Faltreeflag.png Faltree 11 Hunt Powell
JehovahFlag.png Jehovah 3 Connor Shaw
Noflag.png Tulate 26 Jaime P. III

Counties of Vulhalin

Natalanian Counties

An image of Woud Creek, located in Austania, Natlin
Flag Name
Natalanian Counties
Wasusu (Not city).png Wasusu (County)
Autistianstan.png Austania
FlagofEstab.PNG Estab
Mayland.png Mayland
Suland.png Suland
Flag of Northern Halin.png Northern Halin
Chanel.png Chanel
Flag of Oblivian State.png Oblivia
Trafford.png Trafford
Jeanette.png Jeanette

Faltrian Counties

Flag Name
Faltrian Counties
Newhavre.png New Havre
Union of Mountain States Yaak Flag.png Yaak
UMSBoche.png Bosche
Forsyth.png New Forsyth
Bigcoulee.png Big Coulee

Jehovan Counties

Flag Name
Jehovan Counties
Kingdom of Aberland Flag.png Shawsburg
Kathslick.png Kathslick
Bullsden.png Bullsden
Alberts.png Alberts
Etzikom.png Etzier

Tulaten Counties

An image taken in New Werti
Flag Name
Tulaten Counties
Sodaosoup45.png Tuja
VertangaFlag4.jpg Vertanga
NewerNewWertiFlag.jpg New Werti
NewerSeaLaiFLag.jpg Sea Lai
RoseFlag8.jpg Rose

Territories of Vulhalin

Flag Name
Seabreakerflag.png Seawall Territory
LatalleMonarchy.png Autonomous Territory of Latalle
Upnuomsterritory.png Natlin-Montana
Pembrookian territory.png Pembrookian Territory
Aspurg.PNG Asburg
FortDur323.jpeg Fort Lonsei
Noflag.png Hobok
Noflag.png Hookcod