List of Austrovian political parties

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This is a list of all current Austrovian Political Parties registered by the Austrovian Electoral Committee.

Nationwide Parties

Party Leader Founded Position
  National Democratic Populist Party NDPP Daisy Drake April 20, 2018 Liberal Conservatism (Centre)
  Traditionalist Party TPA Seterah Speed October 25, 2017 Traditionalism (Centre)
  Freedom Party FPA Emily Drake November 4, 2017 Nationalism (Right)
  Christian Democratic Party CDP Diego Drake October 21, 2017 Christian Democracy (Centre-Right)
  Citizen's Party CP Jayden Hyde and Anthony Easton March 26, 2018 Social Justice and Liberalism (Centre-Left)
  National Party NP Connor Pittman February 5, 2018 Conservatism (Centre-Right)

Statewide Parties

Party Leader Founded Position Affiliation
  Citizen's of Hydraria CoH Jacob Irons April 27, 2018 Social Justice and Liberalism (Centre-Left) Citizen's Party
  Traditionalist Party of Marymac TPM Collective Leadership October 26, 2017 Traditionalism (Centre) Traditionalist Party
  Hydrarian Party HP Andrew I November 4, 2017 Nationalism (Right) Freedom Party (2017–2018)
  Christian Democratic Party of Marymac CDPoM Diego Drake October 21, 2017 Christian Democracy (Centre-Right) Christian Democratic Party
  Socialist People's Party SPP Anthony Easton December 12, 2017 Socialism (Left) Communist and Socialist Party (2017–2018)
  National Federalist People's Action Party NP Connor Pittman December 20, 2017 Conservatism (Centre-Right) National Party
  Pretorian National Party PNP Anthony Sanchez June 14, 2018 Pretorian Nationalism (Minority)
Pretorian Regionalism
Social Democracy (Centre-Left)

Party Qualification

Before a party is registered, it must have a required membership of three, a defined list of beliefs, and must be on the left-right spectrum. If a entity trying to qualify do not meet these requirements, the entity is not recognized by the Electoral Committee and will not be allowed to run candidates in election cycles. This rule has been broken before through citizen petition.