List of Überstadti heads of state

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Sovereign claims to the territories now comprising Überstadt have existed since the earliest Spanish claims in the 18th Century, with boundary disputes and periods of multinational control persisting until the resolution of the Oregon boundary dispute with the Oregon Treaty of 1846, when most land in the Pacific Northwest south of 49° N was ceded to the United States. Since then, 34 Presidents of the United States, 2 Chief Judges of Überstadt, and one King of Überstadt have governed the land.

Chief Judges of Überstadt

Image Name Entered office Left office
Adam von Friedeck 6 March 2010
Appointed by Constitution
October 2011
Daniel Radcliffe October 2011
Disputed election
18 November 2011
Monarchy established

Monarchs of the Kingdom of Überstadt

Image Name Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch
Adam I 18 November 2011 Current Monarch