Liberal Party of Georgienstine (2021)

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Liberal Party of Georgienstine
Parti libéral de Georgienstine
ChairmanAriel Lederman
Founded19 January 2021
NewspaperThe Liberty Bell
IdeologyClassical liberalism
Conservative liberalism
Libertarian conservatism
Constitutional reform
Political positionRight-wing
  •   Light Blue
SloganOf, by and for, the people
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The Liberal Party of Georgienstine is a classical liberal political party within the Social Republic of Georgienstine. It was founded by former New Democratic Party leader, Ariel Lederman, after leaving the previous party seeing it as being too broad in its goals and ideology. Lederman wanted to create a party more narrow in its scope and aligned with his political beliefs. Therefore, on 19 January 2021, he created the Liberal Party, meant to mean traditionally liberal, as it would’ve been understood in the 19th century, focusing primarily on individual liberties, republicanism, and limited government. The party was also founded to cater to members of Georgienstine First and the New Democratic Party members who lean more towards the libertarian right.