Leonard II

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Leonard II
21st Duke of Huntsburg
Duke of Huntsburg
Reign August 1997 - June 2014
Assumed office August 1997
Predecessor David II
Successor David II
7th President of the Delta Republic
Reign August 1998 - June 2014
Assumed office August 1998
Predecessor Edgar Nedeau
Succeessor Grand Duke Liam
Huntsburgian House of Picard
Father David II
Mother Michelle Buzzo

Leonard II, or Leonard Allen Picard was born in 1984 to David II and his wife Michelle Buzzo. He was named after his grandfather, Leonard I.


He never really believed in micronationality. Although, he succeeded his father as the 21st Duke of Huntsburg in 1997, a hereditary line passed down yet never connected nor intertwined to European/Asian royalty. However, it's connected through the Michigan high class families. In 1998, he became the 7th President of the Delta Republic, succeeding his half-brother's great uncle, Edgar Nedeau.