Lemurian Decorations and Honors

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The Lemurian Republic has a systems of honors, designed to honor and recognize individuals who have contributed to the advancement and well-being of the Republic. The Doge of Lemuria is considered the Grandmaster of all such orders, associations, and organizations made up of recipients of these decorations and honors. Being awarded an honor or decoration grants the recipient citizenship in the Republic, if desired. Currently, gaining honors is the primary ways of gaining citizenship in the Lemurian Republic.

Order of the Lemurian Republic

This award recognizes all those who have contributed to the success of the Republic. They are allowed to wear the badge of the order, and add the initials OLR at the end of their names.

Order of the She-Wolves

Also known as the Ordo Luparum, this is the oldest known civic organization in the Lemurian Republic, existing before both the founding of the republic and the establishment of the office of the Doge. It is both the Lemurian sex workers trade union, and the parliament of the republic. Members add the initials that befit their office at the end of their names: PM for Prime Mistress; MR for Mistress of the Republic, the title for department heads in the parliamentary cabinet; and MP for Mistress of Parliament, used by all other members of the order.

Order of the Sphinx

Members of this order have distinguished themselves in their field, whether that be the arts, humanities, science, technology, or other. They are entitled to add the initials OS at the end of their names.