Lemon Protectorate

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The Lemon Protectorate
[[The Lemon Kingdom|]]
27 July 2014 — "present"

Lemon Protectorate.png

Near Franklin,Tennessee,United States
Official language(s) English
Demonym Lemonian
Government Semi-autonomous Monarchy Controlled Protectorate
- Grand Duke Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Cutkē
Area claimed 1 square meter
Population 3
Currency Lemons, Cutkēan Tok "Ʈ"
National drink Lemonade


On 27 July 2014, The Grand Duchy of Cutkē absorbed the Lemon Kingdom and took her as a sovereign protectorate state. Although the two states could separate in a succession crisis, this is highly unlikely due to succession laws.


The kingdom currently has 1 lemon. Lemons are one currency accepted within the Protectorate. The Cutkēan Tok is preferred. The Protectorate will likely only be a novelty unless more land is allocated to the Protectorate by the Grand Duchy.