Lemon Kingdom

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The Lemon Kingdom

26 July 2014–27 July 2014

Lemon Kingdom.png

Near Franklin,Tennessee,United States
Official language(s) English
Demonym Lemonian
Government Monarachy
- King Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Cutkē
Area claimed 1 square meter
Population 3
Currency Lemons
Currently in Union with the Grand Duchy of Cutkē as of 27 July 2014 with The Grand Duchy of Cutkē's laws and government ruling.


The Lemon Kingdom was created 26 July 2014. It occupies a 1 square meter area.


Lemon Kingdom.png The Flag was adopted 26 July 2014. The yellow circle represents a lemon.

Early History

The Lemon King was the high ruler of the Lemon Kingdom. Whilst throwing a lemon into the air, the King was criticized about his form. From this criticism, a new Kingdom arose. The 1 square meter spot around him was declared the sovereign Lemon Kingdom. He continued to throw the lemon freely.

Union with The Grand Duchy of Cutkē

By royal proclamation, the Lemon Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Cutkē will be formally joined on 27 July 2014. The Grand Duchy will take primary stewardship over the Lemon Kingdom; however, the Lemon Kingdom will remain a sovereign nation as will the Grand Duchy of Cutkē. This union will last for as long as the succession laws of the two monarchies keep the nations joined. Citizens of the Grand Duchy and Citizens of the Lemon Kingdom will be granted dual citizenship in both.


The kingdom currently has 1 lemon. Lemons are the only currency accepted within the Kingdom.