Leamouth City-State Council

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Leamouth City-State Council
1st Council
Logo of the Leamouth City-State Council.png
SpeakerEmily Dunn, Co-op
since 8 April 2020
Lord MayorJoe Budd, Co-op
since 8 April 2020
Leader of the OppositionNick McElroy, Liberal
since 8 April 2020
Members17 members
Leamouth City-State Council, 2020.svg
Political groupsGovernment
     Co-op (9)
     Liberal (5)
     Green (2)
     Conservative (1)
Voting systemLimited voting system
Last election7 April 2020
last election7 April 2024
Meeting place
Council House, Leamouth

Leamouth City-State Council is the municipal and national legislature of the city-state of Free City of Leamouth. The City-State Council passes and amends laws and regulations; approves the annual budget and taxation; appoints and removes the Chief Minister, ministers, presidents and members of committees; debates matters proposed by the Cabinet, by secretaries or by individual members. Members are also able to ask questions to find out information and to hold secretaries to account.


Under the election system, each voter was allowed to vote for ten members of the City-State Council. Due to the small area of Leamouth and its territorial continuity, precincts served only as polling places, not political units, and there are no electoral districts served by the members, who were instead elected "at large" to serve the territory as a whole.

The system lends itself to block voting - each of the parties or electoral coalitions tended to nominate a slate of ten candidates and encourage its supporters to vote for all of them. In most cases, the winning party or coalition would have all ten of its nominees elected, with the other seven elected members coming from the second-place party.

Current membership

The 17 Members of the City-State Council, as of the most recent election, are:

City-State Councillor Party Portfolio
Joe Budd Co-operative Party Lord Mayor, Leader of the Co-operative Party
Craig Hudson Co-operative Party Deputy Lord Mayor, Secretary for Internal Affairs and Security
Michelle Wright Co-operative Party Secretary for Finance and Economy
Khadim Khan Co-operative Party Secretary for Infrastructure, Environment and Urban planning
Allistier Whittaker Co-operative Party Secretary for Health, Social Care, Education and Justice
Naveeda Ajeeb Co-operative Party Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Daphne McNally Co-operative Party Secretary for Culture, Media, Sports and Communities
Jacob Meek Co-operative Party
Emily Dunn Co-operative Party Speaker of the City-State Council
Nick McElroy Liberal Party Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Liberal Party
Harry Fairhead Liberal Party
Elise Pickford Liberal Party
Alfie Clifton Liberal Party
Daniel Selby Liberal Party
Samantha O'Hara Green Party Leader of the Green Party
Alex Yip Green Party
Ian Hartnell Conservative Party Leader of the Conservative Party