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On 20 May 2014, General Kyle Williams sent Councilor Dakota Wiggins a proposal for Estremitá to declare independence from the United States. Councilor Wiggins accepted the proposal and the Faction System of Estremitá was officially founded. He led the Abnegation for many great months. When the end of the Nazi Galion-Estremitá War was in sight, Councilor Wiggins resigned from the Abnegation because he felt stressed from leading the entire nation.

The Abnegation had a short period of nonexistence until General Williams retook the aptitude test because of the passing of the Restoration Act and became Councilor Kyle Williams. Under Councilor Williams's rule, Estremitá has entered their first foreign relations agreement and have started becoming better known.

Abnegation Council Leaders

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Dakota Wiggins

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Kyle Williams

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List of Abnegation Council Leaders

Name Councilor from Councilor to
Dakota Wiggins 20 May 2014 November 2014
Vacant November 2014 13 March 2015
Kyle Williams 13 March 2015 Incumbent