Laws of Rikuchar

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The laws enforced in the Ijivate of Rikuchar are identical to the document shown. This document was originally intended for Huro-Atlantica, but that nation is now (de facto) defunct.


  1. Any racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced content conveyed via media, whether electronic or written, is Illegal regardless of what basis the content is created on. This law does not apply unless reported by a citizen to a government institution specialising in Media Content.
    1. Any citizen of Rikuchar can and is urged to file a report to the Zilezlügø Çebetwÿ if they find a piece of media racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced. If 35% or more of the Rikuchreb population files complaints on a piece of media, said media will be removed from public access.
  2. The Removal of any Hard-Stemmed Perennial Plant by any other means than transferral and replanting at another location, is Illegal unless the Plant is diseased, dead, or otherwise dangerous to a building, roadway, or Pedestrian Walkway.
  3. Disposal of any items onto the ground or floor of a public area is Illegal. Biological Food Scraps are to be disposed of into Compost Containers or Piles.
  4. Hate Speech - Legal but not promoted. (Physically Harmful = Harrassment Charge)
  5. Gay marriage - Legal and promoted.
  6. Abortion - Illegal after first heartbeat.
  7. Sexual activities of any kind between two human beings, regardless of what religion,race, nationality, sexual orientation, or family either participant is from, is legal as long as both parties are at or above 16 years of age. If only one party is at or above 16 years of age, and the other party is 15 years of age or younger, it is illegal without any exceptions, and is punishable by life in prison without bail. This law only applies to cases in which both parties are completely willing to engage in sexual activity. If this is not true, whether just one party is forced by a second party to have sexual interactions with said party, or both parties are forced to have sexual interactions with eachother by a third party, It is illegal and is classified as "Rape", which is punishable by life in prison without bail.
  8. Bestiality - Legal (Unless the animal is physically harmed)
  9. Polygamy - Illegal
  10. Adultery - Illegal
  11. Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Power are the only legal sources of electricity. If a resident is found using any other source of electricity, they will be issued monthly fines until they transfer to a legal source of electricity.
  12. All motorised vehicles are required to run on either electricity alone, or a plant based petroleum equipped with a tailpipe filter. If a motorised vehicle is found to be operated using a non-plant based petroleum, or using a plant based petroleum without a tailpipe filter, the owner of the vehicle will have their license suspended for 4 Rikuchreb months (approximately 291 Days of the Gregorian Calendar). In cases where the vehicle is being rented, the renter of the vehicle will have their license suspended for 4 Rikuchreb months, and the Company who owns the vehicle will be fined monthly over the same time period.
  13. The Drainage, Blockage, or other Removal of any Non-Oceanic Body of Water is Illegal. This includes but is not limited to Damming, Land Reclamation, and the Construction of Irrigation Canals. The Construction of any Canal or Artificial Lake is also Illegal unless within a designated municipal region.
  14. Heavy Gun Restrictions. Permits, Clear Criminal Record, Full Life Citizen, 30 years minimum age
  15. No Death Penalty
  16. No Murder/Homicide/Terrorism allowed
  17. Marijuana Legal to Sell and Buy Commercially as well as Recreationally (above 18 years). all other drugs Illegal.
  18. Limits on Street Lighting (due to Light Pollution) Certain voltage & Brightness, Downward facing lamp covers, etc.
  19. Alcohol Legal above 27 years
  20. Tobacco Illegal
  21. Nicotine Legal above 21 years
  22. Driving Legal above 18 years
  23. Property Ownership Legal above 21
  24. Commercial Slaughterhouses Legal (Bovine Facilities Legal ONLY with M. Temple Grandin's Ramp Design Implemented.)
  25. Slavery - Illegal
  26. Child Labor - Illegal
  27. Minimum Wage - 27.50 Kadwïbek per hour
  28. Maximum Wage - 2750.00 Kadwïbek per hour
  29. Child Marriages - Legal at age 16 or older (unless one or more sides are Unwilling).
  30. Pre-Arranged Marriages - Illegal
  31. Battery - Illegal
  32. Child, Animal, or Spousal Abuse - (see Battery)
  33. Media Censorship = Illegal
  34. Bullying/Cyberbullying - Illegal if Physically Harmful (see Hate Speech)