Lavrasia Forever

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Lavrasia Forever
Provincial Anthem of Flagoflavrasia.jpg Commonwealth of Lavrasia
Lyrics David Sarkozy, 2015
Music John Williams, 1977
Adopted May 2015
Lyric Video [1]

"Lavrasia Forever" is the Provincial Anthem of Lavrasia, a province of the Grand Republic of Delvera. The music, composed for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by John Williams in 1977, was used as the National Anthem of both the Holy Salanian Empire and its successor the Grand Republic of Salania, then titled "Salania Forever". In May 2015, Governor David Sarkozy decided to revive the song, writing lyrics and making it the official anthem of Lavrasia. In April 2016, Sarkozy created a lyric video for the anthem.


The lyrics of the song are as follows:

First to rise, our future ponder,
To send our banner into the sky.
Last to fall, defending sacred honor,
Never to yield, not while colors fly!

Now we march forward together,
Our brothers stalwart on either side.
For our land shall have freedom forever,
Led by our God, we don't need to hide!

Lavrasia, I know you belong to me,
You hold many a fond memory,
And I know, there's nowhere that I'd rather be
Than in your bounds; to hear your sounds, I'd give up my life to thee!

And so I'll strive to live up to your promise and your name,
I will fight to keep from bringing you to shame.
Raise your voices, countrymen, and offer now the same,
And together we'll stoke this eternal flame!

So, friends come gather near to me,
Hear our call, resounding to the sea!
Great Lavrasia, we will keep you forever free,
Until eternal light we see.


  • The entirety of the song is a single verse, thus it must all be performed together.