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—  City  —
Governmental House, standard banner mast (with old flags)
Nation Flagofdelvera.jpg Grand Republic of Delvera
Province Flagoflavrasia.jpg Lavrasia
Incorporated 8 July 2008
Named Provisional Capital 29 May 2013
 - Body Triumvirate
 - Chief Executor David Sarkozy
 - Chief Legislator Nikias Wernher
 - Chief Justicar Roseanna Cilley
Population (2016)
 - Total 7
Demonym Lavradan
Time zone US Central (w:UTC-6)

Lavrada ([luh-VRAH-duh] or {archaic}[LAH-vruh-DAH]) is the capital city of the Province of Lavrasia and the provisional capital of the Grand Republic of Delvera. It has been a continuous micronational capital since the formation of the Republic of Salania in July 2008, and is thus the most historic Delveran city. Lavrada is currently the home of seven Delveran citizens, including David Sarkozy and Nikias Wernher. It includes the National Treasury, the National Archives, and the DAS Central Headquarters and primary armory. The Lavrada Bannerman is the local and national media outlet.


Lavrada is located in northwestern Lavrasia and is comprised of five structures, one of which is inhabited. The city is protected by the major DAS military installations Fort Constantine and Fort Independence to the south and southeast, as well as smaller positions to the north and west. It is additionally strengthened by earthworks facing the north.


Lavrada has hosted foreign nationals from the United States, Russia, China, and South Korea who have come for extended periods to spend time with the Sarkozy family as well as observe and participate in holidays and DAS military exercises.