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Part of The Micronation Union of England


Woking, United Kingdom. INDONESIA. INDIA
Official language(s) English Artestablian
Demonym Lathanian
Established 2019
Area claimed 10.8km²
Population 4 (as of 2019 census)(15 citizens)
Currency NanoCoin
Time zone (UTC)
Member of The Micronation Union of England

Lathanie is a micronation founded on 28/2/2019.

The English term for lathanie (LATHINIE) (la-thi-nai). the LATHANIAN term for LATHANIE (LATHANIE) (LATH-IE-NIE)

motto: quod velut ex matre libera (the motherland of the free)

anthem: Fathers of River

Anthem of Lathinie

Brothers of Lathinie,

Lathinie has woken,

Bound Scipio's helmet

Upon her head.

May the sun above our land

Banish darkening clouds around

Light and truth all along

Guide our steps forever.

Let an impure blood

Water our furrows!

The blood of Lathinie

And the Raleighan blood

It drank, along with the Cossack,

But it burned its heart.

In the sunset Thou art nigh

And beyond the starry sky,

Thou, O loving Father, ever near.

Oh our land, Lathinie, land of our birth,

Rings out the golden word!

O Thou above whose powerful hand

Makes States or lays them low,

Protect this Lathanian land

From foreign yoke and woe.

the coat of arms of lathinie

Uclean State

Main Article Uclea:

On 20/3/19 Uclea became a state of Lathanie, which can leave at any time, but is the hub of Creative Arts and Software Development in Lathanie. Their official languages are English, Artestablian and German.

== the partition of UCLEA

uclea has recently joined scottvia


England: Lathinie is a quartz rich land and is next to Basingstoke canal. this is great for fishing and Mineral collecting. Lathinie has a lot of vegetation and wood rich environments. Lathinie's border has been knocked down several times but they have enforced our borders and they have been trying to improve their landscape.

Indonesia: lathania owns 4 little areas inside batu, pujon and mt kawi. Lathine owns a farm there with alot of chickens and wheat

INDIA: owns 2 lands in jalhandar and [REDACTED]. these are also farmlands and rich in melons. fruit wheat and

international boundaries

lathinie is also a country with multiple lands in international areas.


Indonesia: lathania owns 4 little areas inside batu, pujon and mt kawi. Lathine owns a farm near pujon. it is rich in chickens and wheat. also bamboo and banana leaves. it has 2 Headqarters in indonesia in songoritti and batu


INDIA: owns 2 lands in jalhandar and [Unknown]. these are also farmlands and rich in melons. fruit wheat and corn. The unknown location is somewhere in rural punjabi.

Work Sectors

Lathanie is rich in crystals and coal and also charcoal.

They are developing and planning on building a thermic reactor or a combustion reactor.

Their main sectors are mining, farming, building, water collecting, engineering, distilling and jewel cutting.

Farming is and Trade is the main sectors.

The Aerothinie Space agency A.S.A is the most popular one .

Law and order

Helped enforced by The Micronation Union of England. Lathinie has its own published laws.


The Lathanian court house has issued Lathanian article 1

The court of lathinie has took action on corruption. Their aim is to banish corruption in Lathinie and hope corruption to be banished everywhere

Foreign relations

Part of The Micronation Union of England. Allied with West Uclea, used to be at war with Raleigh before they dissolved the nation. Scottvia have attempted 4 times to start a war.


the DPPL (democratic peoples party of lathanie) the founder and leader is krishna kler. HQ is located at woking.


Le Libra Dämocrat d'Lathinie is a party based in the Lathanian state of Uclea that believes in Democracy and Freedom. Its leader is Sir Alex King.


LATHINIES SOCIALIST PARTY IS A center-left wing party. it Is a socialist party with the governor E-3 PVC SIR F.Dunne a private of the 1st regiment of Lathanian army. it Is a party that believes in socialism and liberalism. it is also an army. the army has not been assigned in the lathanian army. the party is a small part with 2 mps


democratic peoples party of lathanie is a left wing party. It believes that taxes should be equally paid an equal for all citizens (for people who earn). Citizenship should be free and all tax paid money should go to important industries eg. HEALTH, ARMY,EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES, BUILDING, CIVIL ENGINEERING, POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENT. THEY ALSO BELIEVE THAT SCHOOLING SHOULD BE FREE. TAXES ARE 30% of earnings. the party has 5 mp`s and is expanding the PRIME MINISTER and FOUNDER is Krishna Kler.


(the republican party of lathinie) the party was founded at the 9th of march. by Stefan avramov. the leader is half Serbian. he is good friends with SIR K. KLER. but his politica views are differet. His party believes tht taxes are 20% of earnings. school and important luxuries should be paid for. The party has 1 mp.


allied with The Democratic Republic of Uclea

hideout is secret and weapons are not known but the micro-nation is armed.

the army was formed on 3rd march 2019 (gmt 8:56) 51.337885,-0.518294. <sources from L.I.B (lathinie intelligence brearu)>.


the Lathanian air force is a small part of the army. Planes are currently being develpoed but no planes are in lathanians posession


the lathanian jet red kites is a Self defence and Counter strike force with hi-tec drones.



an image of a lathanian soldier


operations on taking actions illegal activities and protecting the lands are operative

image of a lathainian Q-10 GA GENERAL OFFICER

C.O.P.F.L & C.T.O.S.F.L & U.S.P.L & L.G.S.R

Critical operation force of lathinie, COUNTER TERRORISM OFFENSIVE STRIKE FORCE OF LATHANIA AND UNDERCOVER SWAT POLICE OF LATHINIE and lathanian global strike resistance. THESE COUNTER FORCES hae not been used yet but was nearly used in the war of west end involving Raleigh

an image of a Q-4 counter strike commander- name unknown. (deceased 18 march 2019)


lathanie declared war on Raleigh (3rd march 2019- 21 march 2019). the war resulted with Raleigh surrendering the war an the ambolishment of [[raleigh]]

scottvian war


The war against scottvia included the ambolition of scottvia. lathinie won 2 wars against scottvia. scottvia lost when they tried to kiddnap the Leader. he was mugged and held hostage in a confined room with 8 armed people with melee weapons. the leader managed to escape in a freak accident as the prime minister took out the whole team with one punch. the war was then raised form DEF-CON 2 to DEF-CON 1. scottvia surrendered at 23/05/19. this also made scottvia leave the MUE with independence and also the removal of the Lathanian flag


Raleihan war raleigh declared war on lathanian territory. RALEIGH did harsh tactics on LATHINE eg arson destruction but lathinie responded In a form of an all out war by arson mass destruction on Raleighan lands

L.I.B quoted "DPRU will not recognize Raleigh as a allied nation"

at 9th march 2019 DPRU has disbanded RALEIGH from the MUE (micro nation of England)

Millitary experiments

Lathinie is developing an RPG