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—  State of Sorrenia  —
Country Sorrenia
State Capital Lanchester
 - Council Representative
Website Map of Sorrenia




Before Sorrenia

Sorrenian Federation

Kingdom of Sorrenia


June 2018 Election
Party Vote Percentage Seats +/–
New Monarchists 40% 1 1
Old Monarchists 35% 1 1
NDLP 15% 0 0
The Republicans 10% 0 0

Lanchester votes rather consistently for the monarchists but is less politically homogeneous than other states. Those located in the south of Lanchester are particularly vocal in their desire to create a separate state, given the fact that Lanchester is a far smaller village compared to towns such as Bishop Auckland (located in the south). About 17 km of countryside separate the two main settlement groupings, thus leaving many without a state identity. Thus far, the Sorrenian government has been mute on the subject of dividing the state.

The New Monarchist vote largely comes from the north of the state, while the Old Monarchists receive votes primarily from the south, as do The Republicans and NDLP. Nonetheless, many view Lanchester as a state concerned more so with internal affairs than wider Sorrenian issues.


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