Lady Belle Miller

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Belle Miler
Court Lady of Horne

Full name
Isabella Karen Kateri Genevieve Miller (English)
Isabella Catharina Kateri Genevieve Miller (Dutch)
House Horne (occupational)
Born 5 August 2002
United States Flag of the United States.png
Religion Roman Catholic

Lady Isabella Miller (Isabella Karen Kateri Genevieve; born 5 August 2002) is a Court lady in the Princely Court of Horne in the House of Horne. She was selected as a court lady (along with Lady Rosie Schuh) through her close friend, Dylan Bieniak Betz, Earl of Wigtown, a member of the Princely family.


  • 5 August 2002 - 7 August 2018: Isabella Karen Kateri Miller
  • 7 August 2018 – present: Lady Isabella Miller

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