Kupferkrieg Pact

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Kupferkrieg Pact
Full nameCopper War Pact
FoundedJune 2019 (2019-06)

The Kupferkrieg Pact is a collective defensive/foreign union that exists between the Tsardom of Phokland and it's Satellite States.


The organization was founded by Tsar Charles I of Phokland in late June 2019. The purpose of the founding was to centralize the satellite states that while independent, are politically dependent on Phokland to maintain sovereignty.


Flag Micronation Join date Capital City
RCF.png Royal Commonwealth of Freestone 24 June 2019 Shoretown Park
Vardestroflag.png Democratic Republic of Vardestro 24 June 2019 Kournia
Flag Gend1.png Royal Progressive State of Gendarania 24 June 2019 New Phoenix
Pflag4.png Imperial Tsardom of Phokland 24 June 2019 Vundenberg


While each member state is responsible for their own respective nation's internal affairs, all decisions regarding trade, foreign recognition and the declaration of war/peace must be approved by the Monarch of Phokland.

Said monarch also serves the ceremonial position of President within the Kupferkrieg Pact and as Head of State of all member states.

Defensive Capabilities

National Flag Branch Name Type Size
RCF.png The People's Army Land based infantry 1
Vardestroflag.png National Guard of Vardestro Land/Sea patrol 0 (conceptual)
Flag Gend1.png Greinztruppen/Ordnungspolizei von Gendarania Border Guard/Armed Military Police 7
Pflag4.png Phoklandian Royal Navy Sea based infantry 12