Kryl language

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Founded by the Socialist Republic of Kronossia
Spoken in Kronossiaflag.png Socialist Republic of Kronossia
Total speakers 2
Family None
Type Constructed Language

Kryl is the language commonly used by citizens in Socialist Republic of Kronossia. It has 26 letters and it is mainly the German Alphabet, but slightly altered and was also flipped and rotated.


From Old to New

The original Kryl text was about 31/32 letters, and if were written phonetically would create extremely long words. So the alphabet was shortened to 27 letters, but then was shortened again to 26.

Kryl alphabet

ɐ ʞ n
q ן ʌ
ɔ ɯ ʍ
p u x'
ǝ ö ʎ'
ɟ d z'
ƃ b
ɥ ɹ
ı s
ɾ ʇ


  • ɐ [a]
  • q [g]
  • ɔ [se]
  • p [d]
  • ǝ []
  • ɟ [ye]
  • ƃ [be]
  • ɥ [yah]
  • ı [ch]
  • ɾ [du]
  • ʞ [kur]
  • ן [jʊr]
  • ɯ [tu]
  • u [ɛn]
  • ö [ei]
  • d [p]
  • b [hw]
  • ɹ [er]
  • t [et]
  • n [un]
  • ʌ [hu-]
  • ʍ [v]
  • x' [eckseɪ]
  • ʎ' [est]
  • z' [zeɪ]