Federation of Kyrthern

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Kyrthern Federation
Flag of Federation of Kyrthern
Coat of arms of Federation of Kyrthern
Coat of arms
Territories of Kyrthern
Territories of Kyrthern
LocationNis, Serbia
Ethnic groups
  • 32% Kyrthernian
  • 68% Serbian
• President
• Vice President
• Total
0.00014 km2 (5.4×10−5 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencySerbian Dinar
Time zone(UTC)

Federation of Kyrthern, is a micronation located in the city of Nis, a city located in Serbia. Kyrthern was established on September 10, 2023, after the unification of three regions known as Bedroom, the Southern Lower Backyard Republic, and the Northern Lower Backyard Republic.



Before the establishment of Kyrthern, there was a micronation known as Kostaland. It was a Bedroom-type micronation that had only one individual. Kostaland gained its independence from the Backyard Republic on September 12, 2020. The type of government that Kostaland had was Unigovernment. Its leader was Konstantin Mladenovic. During its early stages, Kostaland didn't have its own army, economy, or laws. It only had a flag that was not official, and that was changing many times until November. On October 20, the Army of Kostaland was established, which consisted of 6 Lego minifigures, 1 tank, and 1 plane. The economy was established on the 30th of September, and laws and orders were established somewhere between November and December.

Flag of Kostaland

Kostaland-Backyard republic war

During the period from 17 November 2020 to 4 February 2021, relations between Kostaland and the Backyard Republic were worsening due to a dispute involving the southern part of the Backyard Republic. On 5 February 2021, the Kostalandian president declared war on the Backyard Republic. The armies of Kostaland and the Backyard Republic were deployed along the borders of both countries,Kostaland deployed 2 soldiers while the Backyard Republic deployed 3 soldiers. At the start, Kostaland was advancing, but it started to get weaker and weaker until it couldn't fight anymore. This resulted in a Peace Treaty between two Micronations, which concluded that the southern part of Backyard Republic belongs to Kostaland. The war lasted for about 2 hours.

Formation of the Kostalandian Empire

On 10 February 2021, Kostalandian empire formed, it lasted for 8 months till it didn't dissolutiate

Orisia period


The military of the Federation of Kyrthern is composed of only one squad, which has 10 soldiers. It also has one small armed vehicle made out of Lego bricks. Future planned vehicles are armed with: Flamethrowers, Firecrackers, Petrol bombs, Tear gas, and Conifer cones.

Autonomous Regions of Kyrthern

Flag Name Area Population Officials Date of Establishment
Autonomous Regions
Orisia 1 June 2022
Northern Lower Backyard 1 May 2011
Southern Lower Backyard 1 May 2011