Principality of Conotopy

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Konotopish European Republic (eng)
Конотопська Європейська Республіка (ukr)
Konotopsyka Ēvropejsyka Respublïka (ukr—lat)
Конотопская Европейская Республика (rus)
Konotopskaā Ēvropëjskaā Respublïka (rus—lat)

Flag of KER.jpg
CoA of Konotopish European Republic.jpg
Coat of Arms

Orthodoxy, unity, force (eng)
Православ'я, єдність, сила (ukr)
Православие, единство, сила (rus)

Великое моё государство
KER Location.jpeg
Capital city Konotop
Largest city Konotop
Official language(s) Ukrainian (official language)
Russian (per constitution)
Demonym Konotopish
Government Constitutional Autocracy
- President-Chancellor Illia Yandovskyi
- President-Chancellor Illia Yandovskyi
Legislature National Council of Konotopish European Republic
Established 25 June 2013
Area claimed ~2951 square kilometer
Population ~10 official ~185000 Ukrainian residents on this territory
Currency Konotopish Hryvnya
Time zone UTC+3:00
National animal Aurochs

The Konotopish European Republic, also known as The Republic of Konotop and Republic of Ughersko is the first micronation in Ukraine. It is located in Konotop and Krolevets regions of Ukraine. KER was founded on July the 25th in 2013. The Constitution of Konotopish European Republic was signed in 2014.

Konotopish European Republic is going to be the country with the biggest percentage of Orthodox population.

History and growth

Konotopish European Republic was founded in 2013. It was an indeterminate political organization without a constitution. After that, head of country Illia Yandovskyi proclaimed himself president-chancellor.

During winter of 2014, Illia Yandovskyi created the Coat of Arms, the National Flag and composed the National Anthem of KER. He also made a parliament of KER whose name was the National Council.

In July 2014, the National Constitution was signed by the president-chancellor of the Konotopish European Republic, Illia Yandovskyi.

Konotopish European Republic has got a big upgrowth plan. The country is going to enter some micronational intergovernmental organizations.

Political opinions

Konotopish European Republic supports Ukrainian "Euromaidan" Revolution and considers that Crimean peninsula, Donbass are inseparable parts of Ukraine.


Konotopish European Republic is situated in Sumy province, Konotop and Krolevets region. In the KER the Seim river flows through its territory. It is the biggest river in the state. The capital city Konotop is situated on the man-made river Rhena. There are no mountains in Konotop.

Demography and political division


The population of Konotopish European Republic consists of Ukrainians, Russians, Jews and Belarusians. The national languages of KER are Ukrainian and Russian. Nowadays the population in this region is approximately 185 000 people.

Political Division

Main parts of political division of KER are cantons. There are 6 cantons in the KER:

  • Konotopish Canton, capital city Konotop
  • Evdokiish Canton, capital city Evdokiinsk (village Hizhki)
  • Samborish Canton, capital city Sambor (villages Malyi Sambor and Velikyi Sambor)
  • Krolevetch Canton, capital city Krolevets
  • Vyhovish Canton, capital city Vyhovsk (villages Sosnovka and Shapovalovka)

Although, the other parts of political division in KER are cities, shpareks (city with population from 5.000 to 50.000) and provin's (city with population below 5.000).

State policy

The most important thing in Konotopish policy is eurointegration position and piracy position.

Features of dictatorship

  • Prohibition of drugs (using - 15 years in prison; making - 5 years in prison with confiscation)
  • Prohibition of cigarettes (fine 120000 Konotopish Hryvnyas)
  • Prohibition of tatoos (fine 25 years in prison)
  • Prohibition of piercing (fine 25 years in prison)
  • Prohibition of listening Justin Bieber (fine 30000 Konotopish Hryvnyas)
  • Prohibition of LGBT
  • Prohibition of obscenities (fine 15000 Konotopish Hryvnyas)
  • Prohibition of crossing street on red light (fine 15500 Konotopish Hryvnyas)
  • Prohibition of crossing street by bicycle (fine 12035 Konotopish Hryvnyas)

Political system

Standard of president-chancellor of KER

Konotopish European Republic is unitary state. National religion is canonical Orthodoxy. Supreme legislative power is National Council. Supreme executive power is Assembly of Ministers and Heads of National Branches. Head of Assembly of Ministers and Heads of National Branches is president-chancellor.

Head of the state and the government is president-chancellor of Konotopish European Republic. He combines president and prime minister. President-chancellor at the moment is Illia Yandovskyi.

National symbols

In Konotopish European Republic are 3 official symbols: Flag, Coat of Arms, Anthem. National flag of Konotopish European Republic consists of four (yellow, red, green, blue) horizontal stripes and one red vertical stripe, that makes red cross on flag.

The National Coat of Arms of KER is other official symbol. It consists of red cross on blue background.

The Natinal Anthem of Konotopish European Republic is changed Soviet WWII song "March of Soviet Tankmen".

Our Great State (Natinal Anthem of Konotopish European Republic)

The armour is hard and our tanks are fast

And our men are full of courage

We're all going ahead agianst nazism

For our Great Motherland.


Keeping peace and protecting nation

We will stand all sieges to the end.

We won't take extreme measures

And we'll defend honour of our warriors.

We will live in free nation

Where rules peace, not war.

Slavery is impossible in our country,

Because no desire to live in such state.


Keeping peace and protecting nation

We will stand all sieges to the end.

We won't take extreme measures

And we'll defend honour of our warriors.