Kona City

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Kona City
Crack Crink Crack(mt)

LanguagesMillist and English

ProtectorateAxel Narceus
CurrencyJasooper Paw

Kona City is the capital city of the Jasooper.


Kona City is the only part of Jasooper that is outside, since it is a balcony, making it the most beautiful province,. It has many plants, as well.


Kona City's temperatures average high temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and average low temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. Kona City is Partly Cloudy throughout the year.

Tornado Watches

On (INSERT DATE), 2017, LTIKOJ employees, the Jasooper weather tracking service, say a cloud that looked like a tornado right near the border of Kona City. A watch was conducted in all of Jasooper until 10 A.M. that day, when the tornado shaped cloud went away.

Then, on the 20th of March, 2018, their was a cold front coming through the area of Jasooper, which made NOAA put up tornado watches and warnings. LTIKOJ employees were informed about this at 2:47 P.M., and decided to put Jasooper, including Kona City, under a tornado watch. The watch was called off at 7:30 P.M. that day, because the cold front had gone away.

Points of interest

LTIKOJ Headquarters

Kona City Gardens

Capital Building

Jasooper Donation Center

Sir Stampy Park

Jasooper Compost Bin


Kona City has no churches, but the main religion is Millism, the relegion of the millipedes.

Protectorates of Kona City| List of Protectorates

# Took Office Left Office Portrait Name
1 November 30, 2017 present Axel Narceus