Knowledge Warrior

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The Knowledge Warrior
In the Battle for Truth, Always Turn to the Knowledge Warrior

Founded 28 December 2015
Editor-in-Chief "Deelambs"
Political Allegiance Independent
Language(s) English
Official website

The Knowledge Warrior is a Delveran "alternative news source" published on Wordpress. It prides itself in reporting events that are not covered by national news media.

The Warrior was founded on December 28, 2015 by a citizen in an effort to inform the micronational community of "the truth" behind events and goings on in the Grand Republic. It publishes articles semi-regularly on its Wordpress site, covering both national and personal topics.


The Warrior has a decent readership in Delvera and beyond. Citizens and foreign heads of state alike read its articles in pursuit of enlightening facts, with some instances of foreign leaders citing the publication as evidence for the corruption of the Delveran government.


The Warrior was founded in competition for readership with the Lavrada Bannerman. It has refused to consider signing the Delveran Media Concord, seeing the document as a means to limit its ability to inform the people of what is really going on.