Republic of Klewosia

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Republic of Klewosia

Klewosian Flag.png
Coa of Klewosia.png
Coat of Arms

Mejnō (pie)
Revolution (en)
The Internationale
Capital cityLeninwoikos
Largest cityLeninwoikos
Official language(s)English and Proto Indoeuropean
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameKlewosia, Republic of
GovernmentSingle Party Socialist Republic
- PresidentTomiz Yohova
- Prime MinisterJulia Klewosiav
LegislaturePeople's Revolutionary Council
Established22 March 2013
Area claimed~2 Km sq
CurrencyUS Dollars ($)
National animalBull


Klewosia, officially Republic of Klewosia, is an American communist micronation based in Nevada. It is fully enclosed within the US territory but maintains a contrasting socialist state based on the idea of Leninism. Presidents have effective control over the government and the Prime Minister is figurehead of government. The President is selected every 5 years by the working committee of the Communist Party of Klewosia. Virtually all citizens of Klewosia are members of Communist Party. Dwenos Workers Front is the largest and only trade union of the republic. Ideals of the Russian Revolution and legacy of Lenin keep the guiding influence over the masses of the Republic. Klewosia officially seceded from the United States on 22nd March 2013, although the will to form an independent socialist state long predates this official action.


Klewosia is formed by joining Proto Indoeuropean Klewos with prefix -ia. Klewos means glorious in PIE and -ia is common prefix used by many countries including, but not limited to, Australia, Tanzania, etc.


The republic of Klewosia has a unique culture in which the state has lot of influence. The Proto Indoeuropean culture gets lot of respect and the ideals of the Russian Revolution and the legacy of Lenin are celebrated.


The government supports and patronizes Atheism. There are no religious citizens of Klewosia however, the Communist Party decided that in the constitution it would give rights to follow any religion in a way it does not harm the constitution and the philosophy of the state. President Tomiz is an ex religious Jew while the majority of the population is ex Christian. Recognizing the unity created by common rituals which a religion offers, the Communist Party has created its own set of rituals. The most famous ritual is the rite of the Communist Party members hugging each other and saying 'klewos (glory) shall fall upon the president'.


English and Proto Indoeuropean are the official languages of the republic. English is the language of instruction and statecraft. While Proto Indoeuropean gets ceremonial status and is the main source of roots in concepts and words defined by the republic.