Kittles Lewis

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Kittles Ames Lewis Sr.
Flag of Frieden

First Commissar of Frieden
In office
August 2014 – Incubent
Monarch Jacob Lewis
Preceded by Office Created
Succeeded by None

President of Frieden
In office
January 2013 – August 2014

Born Hadley Massachusetts
Nationality Friedenish
Political party National
Religion Episcopal Christianity

Kittles Lewis Sr. is a Politician, Statesman, Actor, and Teacher in the State of Frieden. He currently lives in New Tripoli. He is the First Commissar of the nation, being Elected at the first meeting of the Supreme Council. He serves as an advisor to the Rana, and is a close friend.

Early life

Kittles was born in 2011, in Hadley. He lived in a Walmart for most of his life, before immigrating to Frieden, (Then part of America) in 2012. When the Plush National Act was passed in Frieden, he became a minor politician, working in a political newspaper. He threw his bid in for the Presidency, and to his surprise, won the elections. Since then he has served as the nations Head of Government.

Political Beliefs

Kittles is a Centralist Politician. He is part of the National Party, although he has some Socialistic Tendencies.