Kit McCarthy

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President Kit McCarthy
President of the Republic of Mcarthia
Assumed office
16 March 2015
First Minister Stephen I & II
Predecessor Office established
Successor Indefinite term
Citizenship Mcarthian
Nationality British
Occupation Politician
Religion Agnostic Humanist
Website Government Webpage

Kit McCarthy is an intermicronational politician, lawyer, economist, journalist, diplomat, and analyst who currently serves as President of the Republic of Mcarthia. He also serves as a prominent delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational, where he is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.


Kit McCarthy as shown on the Political Compass test
Founded in March 2015, the Republic of Mcarthia was McCarthy's first venture into micronationalism. McCarthy has acted as head of state and/or government for the duration of Mcarthia's history. As well as Mcarthia, McCarthy has been a legislative member in Beacon City, Mercia, Valdsland, Nedland, and Whestcorea.

He is currently the Secretary of State for Justice in Mcarthia, a Mcarthian High Judge, Supreme Justice of Breckland, Secretary of State for Justice in the Democratic Union of British States, and is a member of the legislatures of the Democratic Union, and Breckland.

Soon after entering micronationalism, McCarthy gained recognition for his production of the critically acclaimed internet radio station, RadioMicro. RadioMicro spawned a news website, themicronational. Both are now defunct. He currently writes for the Daily Micronational and the Observer.

His intermicronational political career has included time serving as Secretary-General of the Nollandish Confederacy, and work in the Grand Unified Micronational. He was one of the major drivers for the re-establishment of the GUM in June 2016. McCarthy has also founded numerous organisations, including the international economics initiative, the Micronational Dollar, and conflict regulation body, the Intermicronational Military and Warfare Council.

McCarthy is a prominent GUM delegate, and was responsible for the proposal, development, and establishment of the Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law. He was the first Secretary for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law.

McCarthy is known for his legal knowledge, both in and out of micronationalism, and is an intermicronational lawyer. He has been involved in high-profile litigation cases numerous times, and has written hundreds of pages of legal instruments. He is currently working on an extensive rewriting of Mcarthian law, aiming for a final codified law hundreds of pages long.

New logo of the Grand Unified Micronational
He is also known for graphic design skills, designing amongst others, the new logo for the Grand Unified Micronational, and the current logos for the forum and wiki.

He has received numerous awards and honours for his work, notably becoming a Member of the Order of Austenasia for services to journalism, and an Officer of the Order of the Baphomet. In the 2016 Micronational Awards, he won the prize for Most Creative, Best Election Campaign, and Best Community Theorist (joint), and Mcarthia won the prize for Best Legal System. Following the establishment of the Austenasian territory of Amerdansk, McCarthy became an Austenasian Lord. He is regarded as one of the leaders of the separation period in MicroWiki history.

McCarthy has left the community temporarily twice; once in 2015 and once in 2016. In 2015, he cited time constraints, and in 2016 his departure was a result of a diplomatic incident in the Grand Unified Micronational.

McCarthy identifies as liberal, a socialist, an environmentalist, a pacifist, and a social democrat and progressive.