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The Empire of Kinlandia

Kindlandia was founded in June 2013 and is a nation that has claims in multiple forests. Kinlandia flags is red blue and yellow stripes going down in that order, It means to go through the pain then the emotions then one may find hope in light explaining how the Emperor of Kinlandia Emperor Kyle and newly nation starter President Pierce suffered multiple day with only a hatched through the wilderness overcoming pain and fear to find an old settlement that was long ago left and Emperor Kyle planted a flag in the midle of the settlement over ruling the empty place to Kinlandian land starting a nation in the forest surviving just off of knowledge.

Modern Day Kinlandia

Ever known that Kinlandia is new it has improved alot, Kinlandia is placed in the middle of dense forest and the only way to get to it is finding the trails that Emperor Kyle and Sir Pierce has cryed and bloodshed on making. Kinlandia functions mainly outside has there is alot of small pine trees for timber and shelter for bad weather. Kinlandia is only explored by those who seek adventure, as the path to the settlement will have cliffs you must climb and rappell and many life threatening tree swings and river crossing. The settlement is rather dangerous to explore but proves high honor of who can survive a night in the settlement usually being knighted by the Emperor to be called Sir.


The active currency in Kiinlandia is the Kin. Since the currency started from being signed off every single bill by Emperor Kyle himself in the early stages one could recieve a few kin from surviving and being beaten by the side of Emperor Kyle. A single Kin is really powerful inside kinlandia a single kin could buy a medium deer and 3pounds of timber. The Kin is slowly becoming less powerful as the signature are from stamps and they are becoming slightlymeasier to achieve in the settlement. Kinlandia does not like the idea of digging for minerals to make coins in believing we should keep this planet intact so to get half a kin you easily recieve half a bill (torn in half). That explains the giant signature running across the paper.

Emperor Kyle and President Sir Pierce

Emperor Kyle is the Emperor of Kinlandia who found plands and location of somewhere to build a new nation. He picked his long time friend President Sir Pierce to help him find the settlement according to Emperor Kyle's maps. Once they found the settlement Emperor Kyle took Pierce and knighted him to Sir Pierce. Sir Pierce is a founder of Gageland a failing nation. He is the President of the soon to be gone after a month nation President Sir Pierce has alot of respect in Kinlandia. The Emperor of Kinlandia believes in fairness and equaility for all and whoever disgraces Emperor Kyle or President Sir Pierce shall be deported for believing in the two are not worthy everknown they almost died to make sure all was equal.Italic text