Kingdom of Zima

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Kingdom of Zima
Zima flag.pngM coa.png

Forward. (向前。)
Forward, Compatriots
Map of Zima's three main districts. The Zimagrad District, the Rey District, and the Leopoldgrad District
Capital cityZimagrad
Largest cityZimagrad
Official language(s)English and Mandarin
Official religion(s)None
Short nameZima
GovernmentDemocratic Monarchy
- KingKing Leopold of Zima
- Prime MinisterSir Stephen
LegislatureNational Assembly
Established30 January 2019
Area claimed973.49ft²
Population5 (as of February 2019)
CurrencyZima Note
Time zone(CST)
National sportSoccer
National animalRed Hawk
Patron saintthe Archangel Gabriel
This nation is a member of the GMTO

The Kingdom of Zima is a micronation founded on 30 January 2019.


The name Zima comes from the Russian word for winter, зима (zima). This name was adopted due to the characteristically long winters and cold temperatures in Zima.


Zima declared independence from the United States of America on January 30, 2019, with that day also being the day the constitution was written.

Government and politics

Zima is a self-proclaimed democratic monarchy, with both a King and a Prime Minister working together to make decisions for the nation. The King and Prime Minister make up the executive branch. The legislative branch of Zima is the National Assembly, which is comprised of multiple elected representatives, with one from each district. The Judicial branch of Zima, called the Court of Zima, is made up of three judges whose job it is to decide whether a crime has been committed and, if so, what the punishment for the crime should be. Zima also has an economic branch, lead by the Head of Economy and in charge of managing the nation's spending and the printing of currency.

Law and order

Due to its small size, the Court of Zima is the only judicial body in the country. The typical punishment for a major crime is revocation of citizenship, along with being denounced by the Prime Minister or, in extreme cases, the King. In Zima, capital punishment is illegal.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Zima is a member of the Global Micronational Treaty Organization along with the Tsardom of Switzelvakia. The Kingdom of Zima recognizes all member states of the United Nations, the State of Palestine, the Republic of China, and the Republic of Somaliland. Along with that, Zima recognizes the micronations of the Tsardom of Switzelvakia, the Grand Nation of Ordonia.


The Kingdom of Zima has no current acting military.

Geography and climate

The temperature and climate of the Kingdom of Zima varies greatly throughout the year. In the summer, highs can get up to 90 °F, while in the winter it can reach lows of -40 °F. Throughout the spring and summer there is heavy rain, while from late November to February there is moderate amounts of snowfall.


The economy of Zima is monitored by the Head of Economy. The only Ziman export is logs of wood, while the most important import to Zima is gasoline and food products from the United States of America.


Ziman culture is filled with many holidays. The officially recognized holidays in Zima include Independence Day on January 30, American Independence Day on July 4, King's Day on August 11, Veterans Day on August 12, and Christmas on December 25. In Zima, there are two official languages, English and Chinese (Mandarin). English is the sole national language of Zima, and is spoken by 100% of the population, with Mandarin only being spoken by 20%.


Zima currently produces no media, and all media in Zima is sourced from either the United States or Iran.